100 years ago

Dec. 26, 1918 — Christmas in Redmond

Christmas cheer in Redmond was universal. The stores were well supplied with everything and the trade was greater than ever before. None were too poor to have all of the good things desired and the weather was all that culd be desired, although the small boy would have welcomed snow. The community Christmas tree as planned, was given up, and instead the smaller tree was found in nearly every home.

75 years ago

Dec. 30, 1943 — Town feels war effects during 1943

With heavy training schedules under way all summer at Redmond army air field and with 75,000 maneuver troops in central Oregon, activities of Redmond during 1943 were hinged around the military.

The year was one in which the town and the agricultural area felt the repercussions of war. Redmond Service Men’s Center was a busy place, and restaurants and theaters were filled with soldiers.

Farmers had their difficulties, caused by extreme shortage of labor and machinery, but produced bumper crops despite obstacles. The town and country, as a whole, felt wartime prosperity as well as war time difficulties.

50 years ago

Jan. 1, 1969 — Plywood, parts, patience necessary for Snomobile

What can you do with an old engine, a few belts, some metal and plywood, snow and a lot of patience? Dale Moyer of Terrebonne decided a little over a month ago to turn it all into a Snomobile.

Recalling a Popular Mechanics article from a couple of years back on how to construct a Snomobile, he dug it out, got the basic design, and began building and modifying. By now, he has nearly completed the vehicle which is destined to serve as an experimental model for a later, larger one; and as winter transportation for his children, Steve, 5, and Julie, 4.

This machine starts from a welded, metal frame, with a three-horsepower engine, belt drive, plywood bell housing and a centrifugal clutch as an added safety feature, because it is designed to stop the vehicle as soon as the gas feed is let off.

“Working full-time, with all purchased parts,” said Moyer, “a person could build a Snomobile like this in as few as four days, for about $125; if he bought carefully and worked steadily.”

Dale has worked longer and spent less, because, while he has had access to many of the parts, he hasn’t had the time to work straight through.

25 years ago

Dec. 29, 1993 — RHS bank to open fall, 1994

When school opens next fall, students and staff will be able to carry on their financial business at the Redmond High School branch of Western Bank.

The bank will be organized under the direction of staff from Redmond Western Bank, using trained student help who will be supervised by a trained staff person.

Redmond School Board directors recently approved the partnership between Western Bank and the RHS business department to open a banking facility within the school in September 1994.

Jim Roppe, Western Bank’s Redmond branch manager, has been working closely with Paul Kerfoot, chairman of the RHS business department, and other high school staff to develop the concept.