Graham Fox


Most people know that Deschutes Public Library provides books, CDs and DVDs freely to anyone who lives in Deschutes County, but not everyone is aware that the library provides free streaming options to residents, as well.

Through the use of two services, Hoopla and Kanopy, you can access great entertainment and educational movies, documentaries, and shows.

It’s easy to access streaming content on your phone or tablet as an app or through each service’s website.

To access content, each streaming service will ask you create a username and password. You’ll also need to know your library card number (on the back underneath the barcode) and your library PIN. Stop by or call any Deschutes Public Library if you need help.

Downloading the app: Use the Google Play or Apple Store to download the Hoopla or Kanopy app.

Streaming on the Website: The easiest way to access is through Deschutes Public Library Website. Go to and click on Hoopla or Kanopy.


Hoopla has a wide variety of popular movies and TV options. You get 12 checkouts per month. Need a good place to start?

‘Avatar Book 1’

The children focused animated TV show Avatar is well loved by all age groups. With fun and complicated characters and great art styles, this show is a great choice and will help you get ready for the upcoming live version in production by Netflix.


This intimate portrait of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Badger Ginsberg’s life explores everything from how her gender discrimination cases changed the life of men and women in our country to her battles with cancer and her rise as a pop-culture icon.


Kanopy specializes in classics, cult classics, documentaries and foreign films. With rotating offerings and special features Kanopy offers you a wide slice of the film world. You get 10 checkouts per month. Try out these suggestions:

‘Donnie Darko’

This 2001 cult classic tale of alienation, changing worlds, shifting time and a horrifying man in a bunny costume here to save lives is available for streaming. With shades of “Stranger Things” mixed with Stephen King, this movie is perfect for our cold Oregon nights.

‘Modern Times’

This classic by The Little Tramp Charlie Chaplin takes on industrialization in a hilarious and stunt-filled romp through factories. This was Chaplin’s last film, and is regularly listed among the best movies of all time. Films selections like this help make Kanopy a great streaming service.

‘The Vietnam War’ by Ken Burns

All ten parts of the great Ken Burns’ “The Vietnam War” series are available on Kanopy. Take a deep dive into the Vietnam War featuring rare footage and new explanations and insights. This critically acclaimed documentary took over 10 years to produce and had a budget of $30 million.

— Graham Fox is a community librarian at the Redmond Library. Contact her at