As the widow of a career United States Navy man, who spent part of his 20 years in the submarine force, I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the actions, or lack thereof, of our current president of the United States of America over this past weekend.

From the 100 year anniversary of the ending of World War 1 and the walk to the memorial ceremony that all the other world leaders made, our president decided to stay away. The reason, rain. However, seeing photographs of all the other leaders walking, it was not raining. The Bulletin’s notice of this happening omitted that detail for whatever reason.

The next day, it was. Our president said of the veterans and other folks who were under a canopy, I am getting drenched while you sit in comfort. How very noble of him, to at least, show up.

He missed the walk, in the rain, with all the other leaders to the Arc de Triomphe. They had umbrellas and were walking shoulder to shoulder.

He didn’t miss the chance to shake Vladimir Putin’s hand, though, did he?

Getting back to D.C., he decided not to drive the 6 miles to Arlington National Cemetery to honor the thousands of fallen United States of American service men and women. He also did not lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

As an associate lifetime member of VFW Post 4108 in Redmond, I call upon the military service members in Central Oregon to write your feelings about this lack of empathy and regard for active duty and veterans of our military services to the president, to your senators and elected representatives in Washington. Remember, the president has not gone to military camps in Afghanistan or any other foreign country. He mocked and belittled the late Senator John McCain for getting captured. He likes heroes who don’t get captured.

He has sent troops to the border who are not, by law, allowed to use gun violence against the asylum seekers coming from Central America. Those troops will not be home for the holidays.

He has put three very unqualified men in charge of the Office of Veterans Affairs. Are they doing a good job with your health issues?

Just what has he done for you?

I am ashamed for we the people with this president’s lack of caring for veterans. It is too apparent.

— Frances H. Davis

Crooked River Ranch

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