Each year, the Spokesman asks Redmond-area elementary schools to submit student letters to Santa. In 2018, we got another great response, which will certainly help St. Nick in making his annual list.

Here are the letters as we received them. To see more letters and photos, visit RedmondSpokesman.com.

Tumalo Elementary, First Grade (Kelly Garcia—Menlow)

can I please have a scat bord and a drone and a reamote coontrl Boat and a Zipline and Thank You for MY prezints. Marea cris mis. —Ryan

can you ples get me a orbefotspa. Thank you for my Elf Korletu she is the best Elf evr the sos she hids in are rele fune. I was going to get a pupy but then my Dad got me a pupy it’s nan is Gretl. She is a Grmencheprd it is rele kuoot. —Amelia

Can I plees have… an uooncorn culing book, 3 Amarucin glr dols, sum raboe culrd pesls, a uooncorn that has raboe harr, a pensl that has raboes and uooncorn on it, sum scwoooshese, a cumpooter, gredey grany, my little ponye, mrmads the hl man 6, —Avery

can I please have a kitten, puppy, toy Santa, Snowflayet that Pithe’s up rinebow colors. I want a vase of poppys for my hew hoes. I wood love it if you could. I love the presents that you give me. —Ryan

What I Wont foor cresmes is a noow gtar. Me and my bruthtr brock the strings on my old gtar. Can I have it please? You are the best prsin in the Earth! Thac you for all the presins last yer. —Bronson

I wont a chick bike for christmas and my sistr wants a pepu pig haws and I thak you for my Elf. Dus your rander wont cuces to? I will lev speshl cucese for you and roodlf. Dus your ragler rander wont cucese to? You gev me the best elf. He DS fune stuf. —Hadley

For Christmas I want a snow shavol becas my brather had own but he loost it and I want a slend that can fit 2 or 3 pepol. I dont have one and I want a candy cane in my stoken. My favrit Holiday is Christmas becas we get presints from you and oar parins thnk you so much, —Paisley

Can you plys tel Tinsl to cam this yeer and can I plees git a Shalik horsie this yer? I thik my brathr wans a nrf guns and can you plys start giting presins to my dog too. Mery crismis. —Ellery

You are the best giy on Earth, be cus you giv us presents and toys Crismis eve. I like our Flufe berd and nose, hat. I like yoyr elfs presents toys and randers. —Achilles

Can I please have a math game and an Antonov cargo plane? I like Christmas vacation. I like ice skating. I like to get presents. I like the Christmas tree. I like winter. I love winter. I love ice skating. I love being on snow and ice. I like Santa so much. It’s fun ice skating. My family could ice skate. My mom and dad can ice skate with me. —Claudio

Can I have a boxer? A boxer is a little robot that can spin arand also it kums with kords too. And the kords made him play sokr and the kords make him solv mistrs to and the kors do oetrrtng. —Brock

I like you. You oru the bist. R u going to kum to my has fr cs? I wot a hathmowl bkus two An I wot a boutao. —Evelyn

Plese come this yer. I rele like you. So ar eyou going to giv me presist? I love Christmas busus we get presisis and we care for others and we share and you giv preisis to the evre cuntry. And can you get me a tlablit? —Austin

you are the best ever! Can I please have a Hatchimal and a speshal grnal. Can the Hatchimal be a gril please. and can I please have the grnal have a picher of a red panda on the cover. thank you for my elf Gamdrop. She is the best elf ever, and prfect for me, and I love her hat it is adorabal. —Kaitlin

Can I ples Have a pupey? Thenk you 4 given evrebude presints to. Eve bu thaknk you 4 given presis too Evebute en mi famle. —Lucero

Wunt a Qwod and a hapsdr and a hapsdrboll and mini motrsicl and feeoowol oooloo Llint cristols a paint boll gun 5 sprises, candey, golf boll canla, 30000 golf bolls, a miney plane, and gas, a magic wond tha dus watevr you want it to do. —Ashton

John Tuck Elemementary, First Grade, Julie Gilbertson

I jost what to sae you work so hard. You are so kind and you are so selflssnes too, and the last thag is I love you. —Ella

I love you Santa you bringed the stuff we really wanted thank you and also merry christmas Santa. —Liam S.

I love you all I wot four christmas is fun and toys and lila. —Liam R.

I want a stuffed animal unicorn and a twin hatchimals. —Piper

we hope ol uv us will have a merrey criss miss be cind be good cass we wot to have a good chistmas christmas eev. —Madisin

Thaingk you for delivering aur presnts and I hope Jaxon has a merry christmas. can I … —Hunter

May I PLease Have a BB6unpisd Pokemon 6x. —Gabe

I love how you deliver the presis and you ard the nistis wun. —Keeley

You are so cin to us. I lov you. Santa you are the nisis prsn! —Zoey

I would like a fingerline for Christnas and a lol doll and a pousin doll and a Barabey Car. —Ladaysha

I em hape thac you for making christmas come chroo. —Faith

you are My favrit Bekus you Make My Christmas. you Make My hrt. —Lilly

Thak You so much I love You are the best prsen evr! —Masin


Tom McCall First grade, Mrs. Cron

how are your reindeers doowing. can I hav a christmas present and it is called nerf elite! inside basketball, iphone xr. —Owen

How is Rudolf? I wasnt a nerf gune and I want a lot uv lagos. My rabit bit me. thack you for my presints and nerf elite. —Elliot

is Rudolf’s nose glowing? Santa, How is Miss Claus? Santa. I want a Baby boll and a iphone xr. —Raylynn

How is Rudolph? I love you. How is Rudolph’s nose? What I wont for Christmas is a Schlik set. —Summer

Tom McCall Elementary, First grade, Ms. Stampke

how is Mrs. Claws? I have ben helping my papa with a sling and I wood really like a mini jeep plesy. I Hope you have a good trip. —Bryson

what is your favorite cookie? I have not tuched my elf. I would like a stuffed animal! Be careful on the big trip. —McKenna

yut are the raders dooyen. I like plaen in the sna. I like the kulr uv yor hat. I wat a big Brbi haws. —Sherlyn

Wat is your favrit culr. haw are your randers. wat is your fravrite cookie. I bin good. —Darla

How are your raindeer. can I ples have a Ba Blads and a Go Pro hoot wii. —Grayson

How do you get magic dust? I do’t have my christmas tree. I’m sreee but I do’t no what to sae. Have a mer Christmas. —Jonas

Are you doing good. My bthabay is soon. I would like a toy ball. I love you Santa. —Maya

how are you doing. I hav ben god with the bisnis. I wish far a simese cat. Merry Christams. —Addison

What are you doing. I been good. I wot a remote car. What i your fravit radr. —Owen

You are nice. When my brother wants something I give him it. I would like a transformer toy. Merry Christmas! —Adrian

Tom McCall Elementary, First Grade, Kaanoi Zuttermeister

How are you, Im doing good. Is rouldoph ok? For Christmas I want a hoverboard, I also want art supplies! —Lacy

How old are you and how do your raindeer fly and what coler is your sliegh? And I have been good. And how much hair do you have? P.S. I love you Santa! —Eli

Why do you eat so many cookies? I am learning a lot at school. I have a brother name Mike. Is it ok if I can haf a robot cat? —Kenzy

How are you? How are your reindeer doing? Happy chrismas. —Piper

How do you get in the chimny? I have been good this year because I helped my mom. I really want smelly markers. I hope a wonderful Christmas season. —Madison

How are your raindeer dong? Hopfuly you get around the world safely? I have been having a good time making monsters. I want a new scooter. —Jere

Am I on the nouty list or the good list? Is Rudolph nose gloeing? I’ve been pretty good this year. I just turned 7 on November 18th. My I please have american girl doll? May I also have a stuffed animal. —Mckenzie

How old are you? Did I git lots of presints? I’m on the nice list? Is my broth on the nice list? I want LOLS for crismis and brbys, clothes and shoes and piano. —Brooklynn

I have been good this year. I also want a robo-live t-rex. —Asher

How are you doing today? I have bin good! I dot no what I will figr it awt. —Abby

I buleyve you so much. I love you so much too! I have been so good this year! Say hi for me too Mir. Klas! Santa can I have a talking and groling Baby Alive. —Brielle

Tom McCall Elementary, First Grade, Bain

I love you. I wont a tablet that can dawnload Fortnite for Christmas Please. I am going to be good by lisening to my mom and myt techer. —Christian

I love Santa. I want a toy Christmas tree please. I am going to be good by helping my mom. —Emmerson

I love you. I wot a computer for Christmas pleas.e I am going o be good by lisening in class. —Isla

I love your reinder so much. Would you give Joseph a X-Box One mine craft? I’m going to be good by helping Joseph with the dish washr. —Sila

I love you. I wot for Christmas a scooter that transforms in to a mini bike. I an go to help me mom and me Dad. —Daelin

I love you. I wot my fingernail for Christmas please. I’m going to be good by lisnene. —Irelynn

I like your elfs. I want a x-box one for Christmas pleas.e I’m going to be good by helping my mom and dad by doing chors. —Kasen

I like you. I want hot wheels for Christmas please. I am going to be good by folowine direktuns. —Brody

I love your reindear. I want rodot kit for Christmas pease. I am going to be good by being thankful. —Ryan

I love you. I wunt a Playstation for Christmas please. I am goin gto be good by helping my sistr. —Kayden

I like that you give us presents. I want for Christmas is a new legos please. I’m going to be good by helping my mom. —Nixie

I like your elfs. I wut a phone for Christmas please. I am going to be good by helping my mom. —Elyssa

I like you. I wut hot wheels for Chrismas plese. I’m going to be good by bing helpfle. —Cooper

I love your reindeers so much and elfs. I want for Christmas is a toy Christmas tree please. I am going to be good by helping my mom and dad. —Mason

I love you. I wot for Christma a bracelet making set please. I am going to be good by not be rude. —Christina

I like that you make peple happy. I wot lol dolls for Christmas please. I am going to be godo bie help my mom and dad. —Allysyn

Tom McCall Elementary, Second Grade class, Mrs. Osborne

I hope you get to everybody’s house on time. You’re very kind. So for toys I would please like a new Wii, a new bike, a box of girls legos, a bunch of candy, some hatchamals, and a play mini sandbox. —Mallory

I wud love a toy gote. Some calicokritrs. A star wars toy BB8. A jiint toy latey bug. A toy spitr. A macintrol robot. Hatchamal, Sopcins, A toy blak lab. —Kira

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for all you have done. Please have a safe journey to my house. I have been good. I hope you can send me a leder to my house. can you get my a lego set. My brother and my mom and my dad and I love you so much. —Aihlyn

I wont one pear of head phones pleas and LOLs pleas. I love you Santa I hop you have a merry chrisms santa! —Allison

I hope you are doing good. I hope that you are tosty worm on the way to my haws. I think Im gunu leve sum karits for the rander and sum cooces for you wut i wont a xbox good biy Santa. —Nicolani

I hope you are doing very very well. Have a grat chrip to my Haws! Santa can I have a Fortnite viteeoe game pleez. Can I have the bigist stuffie in the wrld! —Wyatt

how have you Been Doowing and roodof. I hope you kom t my birth day. I wont a xbox and phone please. —Evan

How are you doing? I can’t wait until Christmas! Be safe going to everybody’s house. This year I want a happy Christmas and a Minecraft set of greek mithalgy and a halloguys. —Landon

I love you! Haoo are your rander doing, I think thay are go. I think it is cold up thar. Wath I want for cricmic is a boeinero and a lot of candi. Have fun with your trip!!! —Natalie

I hope you have a safe journey to my house. I have been pretty good. I have gave my techer gifts. Deed you know I have been helping my little brother. I want for Chrismas is more calicocritters and some thing for my family. —Aliya

Please have a safe journey to my haws! Whwt I want for Crismis. I hant a gnasokit bor and alutod and a dans leutod! and a nuthr dog, and a tei sheds! —Addison

Can i hav a computr and a nrf gun. Can i hav a woch and thac Santa. —Maxwell

Thank you for all of the work you’ve done. I hope you are doing for us. We are poting up awr cricmus tree. My fameay love you. Thare are going to be sum cakes and malk on the tadle. one of your elf kame to my home tobay. I wont a comdook and a havrboard. —Maren

You are the best prsin in the world. Mare cismis. Col i have the heartlake city rsort plees ples. i wish for a saf jrne to evry wus homes. —Shelby

Santa, I wute a elf on the self if you can git one. A missle launcher. —Cooper

I hope you have a saf drive to my has saftley. I have den good. We ned a sper charger. We want Chrismes lits. —Wyatt

Saku Santa, for everytine. Santa you or asome. I hope you give me hoverbord. —Rory

Vern Patrick, Fourth Grade class, Jordyn Cristiano

Dear santa, I am not like the best child in the hole world but i’ve been good every day. And all i want for christmas is that everybody has a great and happy Christmas and merry christmas to everybody That’s all i want for christmas and watch out with the black ice in the Roads don’t slip. Sincerely Johnny

Dear Santa, I know that I haven’t been perfect this year but I have tried my best. I have tried my best, I have tried to be the best student. I also golf my best. Lastly, I take really good care of my dog. Because I have been good this year, I would love nerf guns and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. From your favorite kid golfer and student, Stephen

Dear,Santa I know that it is almost christmas and I know I haven’t been 100% good this year but I took great care of my dog,I am good in school,and my room is spotless. So for christmas I only want 2 things 1 a pair of headphones 2 a new book to read. These things will really help me by getting my school work done(headphones) and helping me by getting smarter (book). I hope you agree santa. From one smart kid!!! Sincerely, Hallie

Dear santa, I know I have not been that good this year but can I get roller skates I will change my attitude for the rest of the year I have had my ups and downs but I still have been good at some points of my days of the weeks I know I can improve way I act I know I can change and I have not had the best attitude the last couple weeks so I am sorry about that. From Kiyah sincerely

Dear santa all I want for christmas is a rc car, and a pro scooter, and a xbox one that comes with fortnite.I also want a toys for my dog lizzy, and treats. From:John

Dear,santa I now I have not been perfect this year but I have tried my best.I also volunteer.lastly I take really good care of my mom. Because I’ve been good this year,I would love a phone for christmas.this would help me just in case of emergency then I can use that time to share with people and for emergencies and for to see my friends and to talk to my friends and see who is picking me up at school. Love kylee

Dear santa what i want for christmas is playstation gift card with 60 dollars on it the reason i want it is because i think i have been good this year from the fastest kid on earth —ryan.

Dear santa I have been good sometimes and bad sometimes but i hope you forgive me I am trying to make things right i said sorry to everyone i was mean to and did my chores and i don’t really care if I don’t get anything for christmas as long as i am nice —mason

Dear Santa Clause, I am not the best child in the world,but i’ve been REALLY good this year.Like i supported my brother when he was sad and i also cheers my friend up when she was feeling sick. Because i was good this year,i would like a gold and black hoverboard and some really nice headphones! That’s all i want this year thank you, and goodbye! Sincerely, Sophia

Dear Santa, I know I haven’t been perfect this year but I have tried my best, like I try not to talkback to people or argue with others. I also try to get used to new people. Lastly, I try to stay calm.These are all hard for me but I try. So here’s what I want, 1. An og doll bathroom set 2. 2 og doll bunk beds 3. Cute clothes 4. Og doll car 5. 4 og doll beanie chairs 6. new boots 7. Doll clothes Thank you Santa Love your friend Isabella

Dear santa i wood like a lps toy love maya

Vern Patrick Elementary, second grade, Lexie Comfort

Merry Christmas! I hope you are staying warm and enjoying milk and cookies at the North pyle. Your elves must be working very hard. This year I have been helping my little sister clen her room. I help my mom and dad do chores. I would like a kitin for Christmas. —Brisa

if I can ever meet you would be nice. oh and I would like to have a hatchumole and an iphoun and I would like to hug you. —Alyvia

I was very good this year. But all I want for xmas is my mom to be happy because she hasn’t been so happy. Merry xmas. —Kiera

Merry Christmas. I hope you are strong and yor elves are nice work. I hope you have a nice day. —Jakciri

I hope you are having a great time in the north pole. Merry Christmas! I ilke that pro scooter that Masin has. Please giv one to me. I really want one. —Brodie

I’ve been very kind this year and jenris. I helped my sister clen her room and I clened the hole house so my mom could decurat. —Selah

— Compiled by Lydia Valenti