High Desert Life

by Miles Hutchins

Resolutions or revolutions? That is the question as we begin a new year.

Jefferson allegedly said something about a democracy needing a revolution now and then to keep it healthy. Now seems to be a good time for a revolution in the U.S.A.

No, not another civil war, and not violence in the streets. I’m advocating a change, a big change in the way we do political business. The current president has had his two years of trying to run the federal government his way. He has accomplished many things, as his supporters like to point out.

The problem is that much, if not most, of what he has done is harmful, not helpful to the nation. Yes, that is just my opinion and you are free to disagree with that opinion.

Please consider the much-ballyhooed tax cut, one of his biggest accomplishments. Whom did it benefit? If you believe in trickle down economics, think a bit — has it really helped anyone materially, anyone in the lower income or middle income? Has it really helped the nation shrink its debt or improve trade deficits? And has the president made things better with his trade and tariff talk and ignoring experts in those areas?

Like his boast that he knows more about international affairs than the generals and career diplomats, he has stirred up disdain both at home and abroad over trade and international affairs.

Yes, he certainly has done a lot in two years. He has overturned many policies that protect the public from predatory practices by big banks and investment firms. Likewise, he has overturned many policies that protected the environment. He contradicts the science of global warming, bald faced telling us he does not believe man is doing harm to our planet home.

Not only is our nation divided, it is bitterly divided and our standing in the world as a leader of the free world is in shambles. Coziness with Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, who would ever have thought such a thing possible? And bad-mouthing our longtime allies and neighbors? Not expected in my lifetime.

I am trying hard to find a positive thing to say about the president, but his crass behavior, constant lying, and apparent lack of even a shred of human decency makes it hard to mention one positive action. The country is not a business and his bully-boy tactics of deal making is just not working.

Now that the Democrats have a majority in the House, perhaps the revolution can begin. Hopefully Republicans and independents will join in and begin the restoration of decency and civil debate about issues that need attention.

Mr. Trump’s promise to make America great again has had just the opposite result. Now is the time to begin the very hard and dedicated work of restoring its goodness and positive leadership.

— Miles Hutchins is a retired former Redmond resident who grew up in Central Oregon and now lives in Mexico. Contact him at milesredmond@gmail.com .