100 years ago

Feb. 27, 1919 — Glenn Cox returns

Glenn Cox, the most popular representative that Redmond had in overseas service, returned home on Friday evening, following his honorable discharge from service at Camp Lewis.

He is looking and feeling splendidly and was warmly greeted by his legion of friends here whose best wishes have followed him since he left here nearly a year ago.

He was a member of the 91st division that was held in reserve just back of the lines near Verdun and Chateau Thierry, but was never ordered into action and as Glenn modestly says was never in any danger. He was, however, able to see much of France, and the devastation wrought by the Germans.

As a place of residence, France did not appeal strongly to him, neither did the French maidens, who were fair enough to look upon, but did not dress in good style nor taste.

Glenn is not looking for a job — but about a dozen jobs are looking for him and in self defense he will be compelled to accept one soon.

He received The Spokesman quite regularly, although they were always from a month to six weeks old, but none the less welcome on that account.

75 years ago

March 2, 1944 — Center Stresses Need for Rooms

Immediate registration of all available rooms in private homes, as well as apartments and houses for rent, is urged by Mrs. Jess Tetherow, director of Redmond Service Men’s Center.

Because of the shortage developing, all Redmond residents who are willing to rent rooms to service men’s wives are requested to leave their names with Mrs. Tetherow at the Center.

50 years ago

March 5, 1969 — Increased usage of hallucinants subject of talk

Dick Montee, agency special officer at the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, spoke to the Redmond Rotary Club Thursday noon at The Brand Restaurant on topics ranging from juvenile delinquency to narcotics.

Montee surprised his audience with his report of the amount of experimenting in hallucinants in Central Oregon and on his predictions, based upon what has happened in Seattle and Portland, on what may be coming in certain areas of usage.

LSD, he said, is on the wane, but there has been, in some quarters, a rapid and alarming growth in the use of other hallucinants, none very mild, some extremely dangerous.

Reservation police with whom Montee is connected as a trainer, have a problem to cope with in the numerous young people who come to the Ka-Nee-Ta resort. Being deputized by the sheriffs of both Wasco and Jefferson counties has helped them in controlling this he said.

No statistics were given on the use of the many things people use to “freak out” on, but he indicated that the problem is more serious and the use more prevalent than most people realize.

25 years ago

March 2, 1994 — Voters can put ballots in the box

Redmond area residents who’d rather place their ballots in a ballot box than mail them to the county clerk’s office will be able to do just that for the March 22 election.

Deschutes County Clerk Susie Penhollow will have a ballot box in place at Redmond City Hall by Monday.

Penhollow decided to place the ballot box in Redmond for voters’ convenience, she said.

Voters can place ballots in the box during business hours at city hall, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

Registered voters will receive their ballots in the mail Monday.