It’s unacceptable that Oregon still allows cruel wildlife killing contests such as the Oregon Farm Bureau-sponsored Young Farmers & Ranchers 1st Annual Coyote Hunting Tournament in Burns, the Annual Lake County Coyote Calling Derby in Lakeview, the Harney County Coyote Classic, and the JMK Coyote Hunt.

In these gruesome events, participants compete for cash and prizes for killing the most or the heaviest coyotes, foxes, bobcats and other species. There’s no point to this bloodsport. Studies, including those highlighted in a recent issue of “Oregon Small Farm News,” show that the mass slaughter of coyotes won’t protect livestock. And it won’t reduce coyote numbers; in fact, it could increase the population by destabilizing family structures and allowing coyotes to reproduce.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission stated in 2016, “After decades of using predator control (such as paying bounties) with no effect, and the emergence of wildlife management as a science, the agency finally accepted the reality that predator control does not work.”

Wildlife killing contests are an affront to science-based wildlife management and the humane values held by most Oregonians. Our state should ban them.

— Jackie Bocol


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