100 years ago

March 13, 1919 — The Dalles-Calif highway is assured

The delegates who met at The Dalles Saturday, from Wasco, Sherman, Jefferson, Deschutes and Klamath counties, to urge the early construction of this highway, were somewhat forestalled by the Highway Commissioners Booth and Thompson who announced that it had been decided to begin the work of construction this season and push it to completion as rapidly as possible.

Commissioner Booth said that the highway has already been located from Klamath Falls north to Sand Creek and that its location from the latter point to the Warm Springs Indian reservation would be an easy matter. He announced that the department of Indian affairs and also the forest service had agreed to assist in the construction of the highway through the forest reserve and the Indian reservation.

75 years ago

March 16, 1944 — Redmond to Join In Safety Week

Oregon Safety week March 19 to 25 will focus public attention on the problem of preventing accidents involving young children, Mayor T.J. Wells of Redmond said, disclosing that state and national figures indicate an alarming upward trend in accidents involving children under 14 years of age.

Oregon week is not intended as a campaign or drive, but as a means of directing public attention to the important problem of preventing accidents in every phase of modern life, he said. The slogan for the week is “It’s Patriotic to Be Careful.” Redmond citizens are urged to participate in accident prevention by driving and walking more carefully in traffic and by removing accident hazards.

50 years ago

March 19, 1969 — Couple reopens Hub Restaurant

Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Hank and Laura) Wutzl have reopened the Hub Restaurant in North Redmond, and will serve the public from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

A native of Switzerland, Wutzl is a chef of many years’ experience who has not only supervised food preparation in many fine eateries, but has also taught courses for chefs and food preparation in high schools.

The Hub Restaurant will feature steaks and sandwiches, along with a complete menu.

25 years ago

March 16, 1994 — Committee brings libraries together

In an effort to utilize the resources and services of the Deschutes County Library System and the Central Oregon Community College library, a committee has been formed to determine methods to expand and enhance levels of cooperation between the two organizations.

Currently the libraries coordinate book purchases, reference services, an electronic database, and provide access to each other’s collections through a courier service.

“Through closer cooperation between college and county libraries, we can increase reference capabilities, improve electronic access to resources, and diminish unnecessary duplication of materials,” said County Library Director Ralph Delamarter. “Therefore, residents of Deschutes County and the college district will be more efficiently served.”

The committee believes the collective effort will increase the public’s knowledge and effective use of both libraries’ resources and services.

“The committee will remain focused on the needs of our growing communities and the advances in technologies that are important to staying competitive in an information society,” said David Bilyeu, COCC library director.