100 years ago

March 20, 1919 — 6 Thousand Russians to Create Terror

The presence in various cities of the United States with headquarters in New York city of at least 6,000 Russian workmen banded together and solemnly pledged to the destruction of all government, was revealed, according to the authorities, as a result of Wednesday night’s raid on the Bolshevist nest at New York.

Though criminal charges were lodged only against four of the 164 persons who were herded into the terminal court building for examination it was asserted by Assistant District Attorney Rorke and others that some of those who were released will be dezied again if the United States courts decide that possession of the “little red book” is sufficient ground for deportation.

This book binds members of the Soviet forcibly to take possession of all wealth through violence of social revolution and to accomplish the overthrow and destruction of all institutions of government and ownership.

Six Russian reds arrested some time ago in a raid in Akron, Ohio, were about to be deported for having copies of this book in their possession, they having subscribed to the princicples it laied down when they applied for writs of habeas corpus. Their cases are still pending. Evidently aware of this legal battle in Ohio, nearly all those taken Wednesday night who had the book in their possession protested at once that they were not anarchists, and that they did not subscribe to the rules of the soviet or “Union of Russian Workers of the United States and Canada,” as the organization is variously described.

75 years ago

March 23, 1944 — Songs, Dances of South Seas, China Features of High School’s Operetta

“Australian Holiday,” operetta, written and directed by Mrs. Vivian Hansen, was presented Tuesday night at the high school gymnasium by members of the Redmond union high school and glee clubs.

Songs and dances of China, the South Sea islands and the British Isles featured the entertainment.

The operetta depicted how Betty Sutton and a group of girls living in Australia agreed to aid Jim, Betty’s brother in entertaining an American soldier who was convalescing in Sydney.

50 years ago

March 26, 1969 — School given driver education simulator

With no local capital outlay involved, Redmond School District has received a federal grant for a mobile simulator to be used in teaching driver education, Supt. Hugh Hartman announced today.

The grant included $41,600 for the Raytheon-Aetna Mark V Drivotrainer system, plus $500, cost of trailing the unit from city to city during the first year only.

The simulator, which has places for 12 students at a time, is in a portable 58-foot trailer, which can be moved by use of a tractor, Hartman explained.

All High schools in Central Oregon, Bend, Prineville, Madras, Culver and Redmond, will use the simulator in their driver training programs.

Arrival of the simulator has been set for June 10 and it is expected to go into use this summer at some schools and in the fall at others. Chancy Ball will be director of driver education for Redmond High School, Hartman said.

Each of the 12 units is designed to duplicate the controls and instrumentation of a modern American automobile in almost every respect, even the sound of the engine and vibration are simulated realistically.

Each student may operate his “car” either in automatic or manual shift. A vibrator attached to the clutch pedal provides the sensation of grabbing when the clutch reaches the friction point during manual operation. There are brakes, — Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill, pedal, standard dash panel, speedometer, headlamp switch, turn signal, — Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill, gauge, rear window for practice of backing maneuvers and so on.

25 years ago

March 23, 1994 — County completes land transfer

The Deschutes County Board of Commissioners last week completed the transfer of 99 acres of land to the City of Redmond as the new site of the Deschutes County Fairgrounds.

The Deschutes County Fair Association will receive a 99-year lease on the land, which is southeast of the city off the Airport Way interchange.

A timetable has not been set for the fairgrounds move, but it is expected to happen within the next few years.