100 years ago

March 27, 1919 — Serious accident to Mrs. Cunningham

An accident of a very serious nature occurred to Mrs. Cunningham a few days ago. She was driving home from the Landes ranch with a load of hay and when nearing her home about a mile west of town, the whip dropped on one of the horses and they started to run. She was thrown from the load and the two wheels on one side ran over her leg, crushing and breaking it.

Dr. Hosch was called and set the limb, but it will be several months before she can use it. She has a large family and an invalid husband and the blow falls heavily upon the family, which came here from Lower Bridge last fall.

75 years ago

March 30, 1944 — Radio Telephone Permits to Be Obtained by CAP

All members of the Redmond flight of the Civil Air patrol are to take examinations within the next few weeks for radio telephone operators’ permits, it was decided at last Thursday night’s meeting in the officers’ club at Redmond army air base.

Bruce A. Bates, holder of a radio telephone operator’s permit, is acting as communications instructor, and arrangements have been made with the Federal Communications commission for the examination to be conducted.

At tonight’s meeting, Bates will begin instruction in air navigation. Lt. Norman Cortwright, officer at the base, is in charge of drill instruction.

50 years ago

April 2, 1969 — House numbers not yet ready for general use

New house numbering and road naming system of Rural Fire Protective District No. 1, on both sides of Highway 97 almost to Deschutes Junction, will not be put into full effect until the project is completed.

Then use of the new numbers and names will begin simultaneously all over the district, according to Fire Chief Hoy Fultz.

Until then, Fultz asks that all persons calling in for fire protection or ambulance or police service give their old address rather than their new house number.

Until the entire project is finished and everyone is notified, use of a new house number or road name would only be confusing, he said.

25 years ago

March 30, 1994 — Pool league offers a girl’s night out

When it’s a “girls’ night out” for Ruth Campbell, she doesn’t leave her kids at home. Not even her grandkids.

The 78-year-old woman spends her Thursday nights shooting pool with her daughter and two granddaughters in the Redmond women’s pool league.

“It was Vivien’s idea; she started me on it,” Campbell said of her daughter, Vivien Erickson. “I never had played before.”

Now Campbell’s a seven-year veteran of the league. And when her granddaughters , Lorie Gage and Katrina Erickson, turned 21, they brought their pool cues and made it a three-generation team.

“We have such a good time,” Campbell said. “I just like being with them and playing pool — I like to try to play.”