100 years ago

April 10, 1919 — Autos in Oregon will number 75,000

From the office of the secretary of state comes the prediction that 75,000 cars will pay license tax in Oregon for the year 1919. Nearly 67,000 registrations have already been made the registration fees total nearly half a million dollars.

75 years ago

April 13, 1944 — Ditch Pollution Violation of Law

Pollution of irrigation ditches running through Redmond is a violation of the law, and any person found throwing refuse in the ditches will be prosecuted.

This warning has been issued by Chief of Police Athel Dudley and C.E. Hutchens, representative of the state department of agriculture.

Great difficulty is being encountered in cleaning out the C.O.I. ditches in town, as children area throwing rubbish back into the ditches, in some places as fast as they are cleaned. The cooperation of parents will be appreciated in helping to remedy the situation, officials of the district say.

50 years ago

April 16, 1969 — Third-grade students enjoy field trip

A field trip for all three home rooms of the third grade at Brown school Thursday took 64 youngsters and their three teachers to the home of Mrs. Thomas W. Combs, 1973 S. Canyon Drive, for a science study.

The study, in the area of “simple machines,” was on the operation, and the resulting product, of two hand looms in the Combs home. Students saw the materials used, the operation of the looms and the products produced, and even got the opportunity to each make one stroke, pushing and pulling mightily to make the clanging bobbin shoot through.

The study also included some exhibits and demonstrations in textiles, arts and crafts, and later candy treats and games on the broad lawn while waiting for the rest to finish with the looms.

Teachers, who accompanied their classes were Mrs. Jessie Wilson, Mrs. Dorothy Clapp and Mrs. Ellinor Combs. Mothers of children who helped with the trip were Mrs. Jinks Tanier and Mrs. Bert McClain.

25 years ago

April 13, 1994 — City OKs hike in garbage fees

Residential garbage bills will be about $2 higher starting next month. Effective April 1, the garbage fees for the first two cans increased from $8.92 to $10.90. Similarly the rate for a 90-gallon cart is up from $10.77 to $12.75. The fees for commercial garbage service also are increasing.