by Josie Hanneman

It’s the time of year at the library when we look to the summer for fun, reading, books and events.

The library’s Summer Reading Program, “A Universe of Stories,” officially starts June 15 and is open to all ages with special events, prizes and activities for children, teens and adults.

The program has dual goals — keep our students and community reading throughout the summer and to have an amazing time!

If you’re looking around for great space titles to read this summer, here are a few recommendations:

“Hey-ho, to Mars We’ll Go!” by Susan Lendroth

A fun, singable, science exploration to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell.” Great for your preschooler!

“Just Right: Searching for the Goldilocks” planet by Curtis Manley

Beautiful art and factual science are combined in this exploration of the galaxy. This is a great, spacey read for an upper elementary student.

“Dragon Pearl” by Yoon Ha Lee

This sci-fi adventure has 13-year-old magical Min impersonating a cadet to solve an intergalactic mystery. It’s a great chapter read for 8- to 12-year olds.

“Heart of Iron” by Ashley Poston

Our young heroine, Ana is orphaned by her human family and raised by D09, an android. When D09’s existence is threatened, she’ll fight great odds to save him. Recommended for teens.

“Space Opera” by Catherynne M Valente

Humanity’s future won’t be decided by war: it will be decided by song! This sci-fi novel is a love letter to EuroVision. If you’re looking for quirky, try this novel for adults.

— Josie Hanneman is a community librarian at the Redmond Public Library. josieh@dpls.lib.or.usfa