100 years ago

July 24, 1919 — Dairy Cattle in Central Oregon

Ira P. Whitney, the veteran correspondent and breeder, recently visited Central Oregon, and in the Pacific Homestead, tells of finding some splendid dairy cattle in this part of Central Oregon. He says:

“I recently returned from a short business trip to Central Oregon, and while there I had the pleasure of spending a Sunday with M.E. Landes a Jersey breeder of Redmond. Mr. Landes has just recently started with purebreds, but from all indications, he has started right and bids fair to become one of the constructive breeders of the state. His herd sire is Blondy Glow’s Chief an excellent son of that famous sire, Golden Glow’s Chief. His dam is Casa’s Blondy and she is in the Register of Merit as a junior 2-year-old with a record of 7797 pounds milk, 419 pounds of butterfat.

75 years ago

July 27, 1944 — Fair Feature To Be Cowboy Breakfast

There will be a new feature at the Deschutes county fair this year — the first annual buckaroo breakfast. This announcement was made today by Manager Jack Hardison, following a meeting held at Inter-Mountain Motors Wednesday night.

The buckaroo breakfast, a genuine one with plenty of grub, will be served Sunday morning, September 24, at the fairgrounds.

50 years ago

July 30, 1969 — City’s property owners urged to tidy up before 50th fair

With the 50th Deschutes County Fair coming up next week, Mayor Gerold Barrett expresses the hope that all property owners in Redmond will tidy up their premises and make ready for the hordes of “company” coming to see the fair and rodeo. “With company coming, let’s have Redmond put its best face forward,” he urges. “We want the respect of all these visitors. Let’s earn it.”

The element of safety also enters into the city’s wish that all properties be cleared of unsightly rubbish and hazardous materials . To this end, Fire Chief Hoy Fultz has sent notices to several owners of properties where known violations of the safety code have been observed. This applies particularly to vacant lots which have grown up in grass and weeds, or have lawn clippings or other flammable materials left on them…

The mayor’s plea, however, is addressed principally to those persons near or in the business section, near highways or parade routes whose premises may be less than in “company” tidiness.

“Most of Redmond is beautiful,” the mayor said, “and just a little effort by its citizens can make it all that way.”

25 years ago

July 27, 1994 — Old paint bound for community center

Have some old paint sitting around you don’t know what to do with?

Redmond Recycling has the answer: Drop it by the recycling depot at High Country Disposal between today and next Wednesday and Redmond Recycling will try to put it to use in bringing the old school district maintenance building up to standard for use as a community activity center.

Fran Hahn of Redmond Recycling said any paint can be brought to the depot — exterior, interior, latex or oil-based.

Redmond Recycling will work with the Community Activity Center Committee to put the old paint to use.

It’s a chance to get rid of old paint, but for one week only,” Hahn said.

“We’ll mixed it as we can and hopefully use it at the community activity center.”

The school district recently agreed to let the committee convert the former maintenance building and bus barn at Southwest 11th and Deschutes into the temporary headquarters for the community center.