Lydia Valenti
The Redmond Spokesman

Dallas String Quartet brought energy and international flair to Redmond on Sunday when they opened the 2019-2020 season of the Redmond Community Concert Association. The members of the quartet have either a classical or jazz background, said Ion Zanca, composer, violinist and founder of the group, in an interview after the concert. Zanca started the group to perform classical music, but noticed that people were much more interested when they covered popular contemporary songs. The group members, musicians from Romania, Chicago, South Korea, Japan, Lithuania and Mexico, elevate the music with skill, creativity and humor. They ended Sunday’s concert with Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” and the audience provided the vocals. Upcoming concerts in the series include Birch Pereira and The Gin Joints, soloist Terry Barber, Backtrack and Vivace. For more information about the Redmond Community Concert association or to purchase season tickets, visit