Flashback: Bend-Burns road very dangerous 75 years ago

100 years ago Sept, 12, 1918 — Today is registration day This is registration day … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Teen girl ended brewing family feud with a shotgun

From around 1875 to about 1915, the riverfront part of Clatsop County (outside Astoria) was … Read more

Hutchins: Satisfied with Mexican doctors and music

This may be a bit off from High Desert Happenings, but please bear with me. … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Developer’s dreamed-of Christmas Valley never came true

One day in 1960, Lake County ranch and real-estate trader Phil Pittman ran into a … Read more

Getting excited about yet-to-be released titles

I was recently lucky enough to go a national gathering of librarians — the American … Read more

Dahlias in full bloom!

The Redmond Spokesman’s advertising sales representative, Denise Duval, is passionate about her Redmond garden. Check … Read more

Hokulea Dancers entertain at Music on the Green

Redmond’s traditional Hawaiian dance group showcased dancing and drumming to a large crowd at the … Read more

Flashback: Use of gasoline restricted 100 years ago.

100 years ago Aug. 29, 1918 — Use of gasoline restricted The United States fuel … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Oregon called BS on California papers’ UFO stories in 1890s

“Fake News” — meaning the kind that’s simply made up by a creative thinker sitting … Read more

BBB: Watch where you purchase football tickets

While most college football fans buy directly from the venue, the temptation to save money … Read more

Aug. 29- Sept. 4 calendar

Wednesday Central Oregon Irrigation District Special Board Meeting: The board will hold a regular session … Read more

Flashback: Youthful hiker loses his way 50 years ago.

100 years ago Aug. 22, 1918 — Thirteen Million Men In New Registration With the … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Fierce debate over McMinnville UFO sighting continues today

Evelyn and Paul Trent lived on a farm between Sheridan and McMinnville in the years … Read more

Tips for improving bone development

Recently someone asked me if she got vitamin D from the sun. In my work … Read more

Flashback: It will now cost you $10 to hold your job 100 years ago.

100 years ago Aug. 15, 1918 — It will now cost you $10 to hold … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Oregon was John F. Kennedy’s make-or-break state in 1960 primary

As the 1960 Democratic presidential primary neared, Sen. John F. Kennedy was looking at Oregon … Read more

The importance of balancing go and slow

If you ask anyone who knows me, even slightly, they will probably tell you that … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Abigail Scott Duniway thought she’d be remembered primarily for her novels, but ...

Abigail Scott Duniway is a name that’s very familiar to most Oregon history buffs. She … Read more

Flashback: New draft ages set at 18 to 45 years 100 years ago.

100 years ago Aug. 8, 1918 — New draft ages set at 18 to 45 … Read more

Hutchins: Starting new traditions in a news country

While you in Central Oregon are enjoying the summer weather, we are experiencing the vagaries … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: When the White Eagle Saloon was America’s most notorious nest of anarchists

The White Eagle Saloon on Russell Street in east Portland has its share of colorful … Read more

Flashback: Russian intervention is a big undertaking 100 years ago.

100 years ago July 25, 1918 — Plans for the rehabilitation of Russia are proceeding … Read more

BBB: Small businesses beware of credit card deals

As if small business owners don’t have enough to worry about, the Federal Trade Commission … Read more

Flashback: American forces send the Germans packing on the western front 100 years ago.

100 years ago July 18, 1918 — The much heralded and expected great drive by … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: University of Oregon founding father was once its number-one opponent

A few years ago, students at the University of Oregon launched a campaign to get … Read more

For good health, get yourself to the floor

How many of you would never dream of getting down to the floor in an … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: “Traitorous, disloyal” librarian’s crime: Failure to lend money to government

On April 12, 1918, Oregonians opened their newspapers to learn that there was a traitor … Read more

Flashback: Redmond Marine declines promotion 100 years ago.

100 years ago July 11, 1918 — REDMOND MARINE DECLINES PROMOTION. A letter received by … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Baker County’s frontier Romeo and Juliet story — with a “hypno-twist”

Minnie Ensminger, the schoolmistress at Muddy Creek School, was young, smart and pretty, and nearly … Read more

Hutchins: Mixed bag when the snowbirds head north

Spring time in Central Oregon. Ah, yes, we remember it well. Long anticipated, well rewarded … Read more

Flashback: Redmond man attends naval training school 75 years ago

100 years ago July 4, 1918 — SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND ILLITERATES OF DRAFT AGE. It … Read more

June 25- July 1 weather data


Last week HIGH LOW PRECIP Monday, June 25 79 50 0 Tuesday, June 26 80 39 0 Wednesday, June 27 85 43 T Thursday, … Read more

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