Pet of the week: Fanta

Fanta has been in and out of BrightSide since June 2017 and hasn’t found her … Read more

Flashback: Construction of The Dalles-California Highway urged, 100 years ago

100 years ago March 13, 1919 — The Dalles-Calif highway is assured The delegates who … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Filming of “Worst Western ever” was an unforgettable spectacle in Oregon

If you’ve never heard “Harold Hecht’s ‘The Way West’” referenced as a legendary box-office bomb, … Read more

Bookshelf: Time to think about gardening

February snow storms bring March gardening? Perhaps that’s not how the saying goes, but if … Read more

Pet of the week: Jade

Jade is an older kitten in search of a home. She is a friendly and … Read more

Letter: Central Electric Co-Op praised for snow response

I want to commend the hard working crews of Central Electric Co-Op for the great … Read more

Flashback: Redmond High students design and build electric car, 25 years ago

100 years ago March 6, 1919 — Triplane to carry 100 passengers A British super-triplane, … Read more

Ka-Ton-Ka was Oregon’s own nationwide patent-medicine sensation — sort of

There was a time, in the late 1800s, when one of the most popular medicines … Read more

Hutchins: Taking the train to Tequila

Took the Herradura Express from Guadalajara to Tequila the other day. Best little train ride … Read more

Pet of the week: Augustus

Augustus is a 4-year-old special little guy with a big personality. He weighs 13 pounds … Read more

Chamber re-creates 100-year-old photo

The Redmond Chamber’s Eric Sande and Kara Roatch recently re-created a well-known Redmond photograph of … Read more

Pet of the week: Sissy

Sissy is a 15-year-old senior cat, as social as she is sweet. She looks great … Read more

Flashback: Redmond adds ballot box for those who don’t want to use mail

100 years ago Feb. 27, 1919 — Glenn Cox returns Glenn Cox, the most popular … Read more

War blasted quest of “Bear Grylls of 1910s” to redeem his reputation

On the morning of Tuesday, July 21, 1914, deep in the heart of the wilderness … Read more

Health Hub: The ins and outs of the gut

Here is a quiz — what organ or organ system in the body is both … Read more

Feb. 27-March 5 calendar

The Spokesman welcomes event information for its community calendar; submissions are limited to nonprofit, free … Read more

Youngsters’ summer shipwreck adventure couldn’t happen in today’s world

The first day of summer vacation in 1930 was a real red-letter day for Washington … Read more

Pet of the week: Helmut

Helmut is a 2-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who arrived at BrightSide as a stray … Read more

Flashback: Redmond private in New Guinea during WW II

100 years ago Feb. 20, 1919 — Irrigation school Redmond March 3-8 At a meeting … Read more

Flashback: Vandals scatter paper from salvage drive

100 years ago Feb. 13, 1919 — Minimum pay $75 a month Through the efforts … Read more

Hutchins: Preparing for spring where it’s always spring

Went to a fundraiser dinner in honor of Robert Burns recently. Had my first ever … Read more

Pet of the week: Cookies

Cookies is a super sweet 8-month-old pitbull mix. She was surrendered to BrightSide because her … Read more

Flashback: Sisters resident receives letter from Apollo 13 astronaut

100 years ago Feb. 6, 1919 — Shire gets caught pays a stiff fine The … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Portland’s play to beat The Dalles cost Oregon its branch of the federal mint

When hardcore coin collectors examine a promising piece of numismatic history, the first place their … Read more

Pet of the week: Shiro

Meet Shiro, a 4-year-old Border Collie looking for his perfect home. Shiro is smart, active … Read more

Letter: Writer criticizes hunting tournaments

It’s unacceptable that Oregon still allows cruel wildlife killing contests such as the Oregon Farm … Read more

Flashback: First National Bank of Redmond chartered, 100 years ago

100 years ago Jan. 30, 1919 — The First National Bank of Redmond The Redmond … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Stubborn citizen teamed up with Tom McCall to get nation’s first bottle bill passed

Longtime Oregonians may remember a time, in the mid-1970s, when the “Welcome to Oregon” signs … Read more

Bookshelf: New children’s books for the new year

Do you have a new reader in this new year? Finding books basic enough for … Read more

Flashback: Walmart coming to Redmond, 25 years ago

100 years ago Jan. 23, 1919 — Would bar German in Oregon schools Of doubtful … Read more

Offbeat Oregon: Dry town’s sting on local drugstore’s secret saloon didn’t go well

In 1899, the spiritual leaders of Forest Grove had a problem: There was a serpent … Read more

Yoga provides numerous benefits

Yoga…the word stirs intense love of the mindful practice, fear of the unattainable or uncomfortable … Read more

Pet of the week: Navis

Navis is a sweet and quiet 4-year-old cat looking for a home. She enjoys lounging, … Read more

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