It took a long time for the Lawnae Hunter, the developer of Red Barn Industrial Center complex in Redmond, to come up with a design for the site.

Hunter has previously developed large office buildings, subdivisions, senior homes and multi-family units, according to a previous Spokesman article. But this is her first foray into heavy industrial, which can include everything from a manufacturing facility to a brewery to auto repair.

“I needed something difficult to do,” she said recently. She had suffered a stroke several years ago and continues with her rehab.

“After a stroke you need to rebuild the wires in your brain — you need something difficult. This was difficult,” she said. “It took a long time to come up with this design.”

Hunter, a veteran of the real estate business and owner of Plus Property Management, plans to make her aptly named Red Barn Industrial Center stand out. The project, which is intended to honor Redmond’s agricultural history, will feature a red facade and even have silos standing above the rest of the buildings.

“I really like architecture. I want it to look different than a square box and am willing to put money into it. I owned these lots, and I knew someday I would build on them, but it is very difficult to figure it out how to do industrial design.”

The plans call for the site at 1090 NE 11th St. and Jackpine Avenue to eventually support three similar buildings on 3.26 acres.

The first barn is up, and workers are putting the finishing touches on the iron construction with siding. Electricians, plumbers and finishers will start this week to connect the infrastructure. It should be ready for tenants by mid-May. It can be used as a warehouse, office space, light industrial or for shipping.

“The trick is to have a place where 18-wheelers can get in an out, where they have enough space for a turn radius,” she said. “Some of these projects have no way for drivers to come in and back out an 18-wheeler,” she said. “They, literally, have to make a U-turn inside the project.”

The site has easy access to U.S. Highway 97 and the Redmond Airport. It is located in a host of other industrial warehouses and businesses.

The first building will be a 13,200 -square -foot area that can be broken down into six separate units. Plans are to house light manufacturing or storage on the first floor and office space on the second floor and southern part of the building. There are several doors to support semi-truck loading and unloading.

“We’ll get a variety of industrial users,” she said. “We have the ability to create the size and space they want.”

Two businesses are already interested in locating. One is from Prineville, and the other from Seattle. Once the area is about 50 % full, Hunter will begin work on the next building, which is to be 15,720 square feet. A third barn will be 13,200 square feet.

SunWest Builders of Redmond is the general contractor. It broke ground in November and, thanks to a mild winter, will have the site ready by May, said the project manager, Anthony Hamond.

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