Redmond Police Department

Chief Dave Tarbet

The Redmond Police Department provides policing services inside Redmond city limits. The department has 43 sworn police officers (patrol officers, detectives, school resource officers and traffic enforcement officers) and 11 support staff, as well as two part-time sworn police officers. The department also has two K-9 officers: a patrol dog and a drug detection dog. Redmond police responded to 29,118 calls for service in 2019.

The department shares a records system with other law enforcement agencies in Deschutes County which allows agencies to track crimes, identify crime patterns and map criminal activity by area and type of crime.

Property crimes such as theft and vandalism, as well as minor vehicle accidents, can be reported online at

Information: 777 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond. 541-504-3400,

Redmond Fire and Rescue

Chief Ken Kehmna

Directed by a five person board of directors and led by Chief Ken Kehmna, Redmond Fire & Rescue provides emergency medical response, fire suppression and rescue services 24 hours a day. This service is provided by full-time career firefighter/paramedics, single-role paramedics, full- and part-time EMTs, volunteer and student firefighters, with support from administrative staff. Redmond Fire & Rescue answers calls for service from four fire stations, including City of Redmond, Terrebonne, Cline Falls and the airport. All stations, excluding the airport, are equipped to respond to structural and wildland fires and medical emergency calls. All fire engines are staffed with firefighter/paramedics who, in addition to their firefighting and rescue duties, assist ambulance personnel on high risk calls such as cardiac arrests, traumas, and motor vehicle collisions. Each station is also equipped for rescue related needs including vehicle extrication, rope, ice and water rescue.

Information: 341 NW Dogwood Ave. 541-504-5000,

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Shane Nelson

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office serves the area outside the city limits of Redmond with patrol services, and also provides investigation, search and rescue, service of civil papers, animal control and marine patrol on Cascade lakes, as well as operates the county jail and work-release center and issues concealed-handgun permits.

Information: 8154 11th St., Terrebonne., 541-388-6655.

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