A shortage of parking around the fairgrounds was one of the main complaints from fairgoers in 1996.

100 years ago

Aug. 4, 1921 — Juniper pencil slat company to establish new factory

Indicating the intention of the Redmond Juniper Products Manufacturing company to immediately re-establish its pencil slat plant here, a deal was closed Monday for the purchase by the company of the former barn and warehouse of the Central Oregon Irrigation company located near the depot. It is the intention of the company, it was announced, to use the buildings to house the new plant.

The $14,000 plant of the company was totally destroyed by a fire of unknown origin which was discovered by N.A. Burdick at 3:30 o’clock Friday morning.

Insurance for $7,000 was carried.

75 years ago

Aug. 8, 1946 — School to Take Over Buildings After Appraisal

Authority has been received from the office, chief of engineers, Washington, to grant Redmond grade school district immediate right of entry to the theatre and infirmary at Redmond army air field, pending execution of a formal lease.

Orr Royal, contractor, is ready to start preparing the building for use by the school as soon as the appraisal is made the entry right given.

Principal E.W. Daugherty believes that class rooms can be prepared for from 90 to 100 students. Present plans are to use the infirmary for the three divisions of sixth graders. The theatre will serve as a recreation quarter.

50 years ago

Aug. 4, 1971 — The Spokesman moves to new home

The Redmond Spokesman is in its new home at 226 N. Sixth St. — next door to the 86 Corral Club.

The newspaper office was moved from its long-time headquarters to the new location Saturday to be ready for business on Monday morning Aug. 1, according to publisher Robert K. Moody.

By its move, the newspaper is in the newly renovated front portion of the building owned by Harold Povey. The interior decor features wood paneling and gold carpeting throughout, with accents of green.

25 years ago

Aug. 7, 1996 — What they dislike in old, want in new fairgrounds

Fairgoers confide their woes:

  • Dust
  • Not enough parking
  • Uncomfortable, not enough seating
  • No order
  • Not enough “weird fair stuff”
  • Space (crowded, cramped)
  • Inadequate accommodations for RVs
  • Not enough bathrooms
  • Poor sound system
  • Overcrowded barns
  • No drinking fountains

Their wishes:

  • On-grounds parking
  • Tram service to, around fairgrounds
  • Clearly mark so visitors can easily find grounds
  • Lots of space
  • Plan with room to grow
  • New car displays
  • Cooking, gardening exhibits
  • Good midway
  • Better RV facilities
  • Bathrooms in every building
  • Keep the atmosphere — trees, small stages
  • More, bigger wash racks
  • Cement barn floors


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