Flashback: New vulcanization plant to open in former Spokesman building, 100 years ago

Frank Burr, Redmond United Fund drive chairman, gets a helping hand from two former chairmen, Al Hollowell (left, 1967), and Bill Pierce (1966), in striving to reach the coveted honor of being first in the state to reach 100% of its goal. Redmond led the state in the two consecutive years when Hollowell and Pierce were in charge. (Spokesman file photo)

100 years ago

Oct. 16, 1919 — New vulcanizing plant — to open in Redmond

The building which the Spokesman will vacate in a few days has been leased to Matt Carlin, who will open up a complete and up-to-date vulcanizing plant, a thing long needed here and which automobile owners will tender a hearty welcome.

Mr. Carlin has been doing this work in a limited way at the Redmond Garage, which is just across the street, but has never had all of the equipment necessary for success, but this will all now be supplied and the shop will be fully able to handle anything in the line, and we know of no one better able to handle it than Matt. His success is assured from the start.

75 years ago

Oct. 19, 1944 — Toney Describes French Welcome to U.S. Soldiers

Hospitality of French to their American liberators is described in a letter just received by Mr. and Mrs. James F. Toney from their son Pvt. Robert L. Toney, who is somewhere in France.

Pvt. Toney says, in part “I just finished eating with a French family. We had soup, salad, duck, potatoes, bread, pie and wine and coffee. Then the man of the family went and got a shovel and dug up a bottle of champagne. The have buried it so the Germans wouldn’t get it.

“These people treat you like you were in their own family. When we get a chance to sleep in a barn, they all want us to go in their house and sleep in their beds, but we never do. I can’t say enough to express my feeling for the French people — they are wonderful. When we enter a town and are some of the first Americans there, they give us bread, butter, jam, eggs, fruit and that wine. The wine here is different from the wine in Italy. In Italy they put water in it, so they can make more money, and here they give it to you because they are grateful to us for liberating their village. Tell all of the folks at home what I say about France.”

50 years ago

Oct. 22, 1969 — United Fund’s goal in sight

Redmond United Fund is closing in swiftly on its 1969 goal of $11,616, as another 20% was added in pledges and donations last week, bringing the total to $8388.72 for 72% reported Drive Chairman Frank Burr.

New members of the 100% list are the Street and Water Department of the City of Redmond, $147, and Redmond Air Center, donating $155 from its 16 permanent employees.

Other generous contributions came from Central Electric Co-op, turning in $165 for an average of $4.50 per man, and Central Oregon District Hospital employees giving a whopping $910.92.

The Kiwanis Club added $506, making its total collections $981. The Jaycees collected $338 last week, bringing their total to $595. The Rotary Club has turned in $1074.50 to date. Teachers and other employees of the Redmond School District have donated $707.

Several businesses who usually give generous contributions still have not reported, Burr pointed out. With a little help from them this week, Redmond may very well be the first in the state to fulfill its quota.

Area residents have been generous enough in the past, putting Redmond in leading position two years in a row, 1966 and 1967, and narrowly missing the coveted honor last year. Burr and the board of directors feel confident that 1969 will be another fine year.

25 years ago

Oct. 19, 1994 — Redmond EMT earns merit medal

An emergency medical technician paramedic with the Redmond Fire Department has been awarded the Oregon Emergency Medical Services Meritorious Service Medal by the Oregon Health Division.

Steven W. Pengra recently received the award from Dick Wilt, president of the Oregon State Ambulance Association, during an awards ceremony in Portland.

During the period 1991 to 1994, while serving as EMS Coordinator for the Sunriver Fire Department, as firefighter/paramedic for the City of Keizer Fire Department, and as firefighter/paramedic for the City of Redmond Fire Department, Pengra made significant and noteworthy contributions to Oregon’s emergency medical services system, according to the Health Division.

As one of the first certifying officers for the EMT-Basic certification program, Pengra has traveled to distant locations, sometimes at short notice, to ensure that EMT-Basic candidates are afforded the opportunity to participate in certification examinations that are consistent, valid, and reliable, the division said.

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