Around 1995-Library volunteers examine doors taken from Jessie Hill School, prior to its renovation into the Redmond Library.

Jan. 1, 1920 — Good stock of Central Oregon

After seeing the display of livestock from Central Oregon at the recent Portland Livestock show, and on a strip to the Chicago exposition, where our cattle came in competition with the world, Judge Baldwin, of Klamath Falls, said:

“Better cattle can be produced from Central Oregon than from any other district west of the Mississippi, for this section has the climate, the area and the feed. We realized that the stock can be raised in Central Oregon, and the Middle West is beginning to come to the same conclusion. All that has been lacking in the past has been purebred stock in this section.”

Judge Baldwin is competent to judge in this matter, and coming from so high an authority, we can well believe that he is not making the statement idly, but with a full knowledge of the truth of the statement. There is not a section of the West where people are not paying greater attention to improvement, and this is telling in the quality of our product.

Jan. 4, 1945 — Powell Butte Boy Ends 50 Missions

Staff Sgt. Thomas H. Read of Lowell. Mich., former Powell Butte resident, recently flew his 50th long-range combat mission in the Mediterranean theatre, it has been learned by Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Valpey of Powell Butte. He returned from overseas and was to report to Santa Ana, Cal., December 25.

Sgt. Read began combat flying June 14, 1944, with an attack on the oil refineries at Budapest, Hungary. He is gunner on a Flying Fortress.

He ranged over other targets in Germany, France, Italy and the Balkins, flying his 50th mission October 13. He wears the air medal with three oakleaf clusters and the European theatre ribbon. Sgt. Read is 24 years old.

Dec. 31, 1969 — Mayor Barrett enumerates goals for 1970

During my first year as mayor of Redmond we (the council and the various commissioners) have taken the bull by the horns and have accomplished a great deal,” declared Gerold Barret, mayor of Redmond. “Without the six city councilmen, the city attorney, city department heads, and the commissions, it would have been impossible to accomplish what we have. To the man, each has given time and effort into these projects. I have the most co-operative council a mayor could want.”

Looking ahead, Mayor Barrett sees four major projects for the city. First is the passage of Representative Al Ullman’s bill through congress. The bill will pave the way for present and future development of the airport.

Second is the plan for a city sewage system. “This will be our biggest undertaking,” stated Barrett. “A lot of decisions will have to be made once we get the results of the study now underway.”

The third area is to work on an industrial area to attract new enterprises. “The area has already been considered in our plans and charts,” Barrett stated.

The final major task is to undertake a study of a city administrative form of government.

Dec. 26, 1994 — Parenting volunteers sought

Home visits to help low-income families referred to the state Children’s Services Division for child neglect will be the focus of volunteers in four different Oregon counties including Central Oregon.

The project offers volunteers an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families, according to the Department of Human Resources.

A social service developer is being sought for the project in Crook and Jefferson counties to work with volunteers who will be matched with about 15 families. The families will receive services on a voluntary basis. The goal is to reduce child neglect by teaching and modeling parenting skills in clients’ homes.

“We’re looking for an individual who is willing to make a one-year commitment to the project, which provides a $7,500 stipend for the year’s living expenses,” said Terrie Jahn, DHR Volunteer Program manager for Crook and Jefferson counties. “This is a big job but it has high potential for a satisfying and rewarding year.”

The project developer will actually be an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer. As such, applicants need to meet criteria for that program. VISTA offers education benefits for those who complete their one-year commitment.

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