Redmond veterans cement blocks for memorial built 1996 at Redmond Memorial Cemetery.

100 years ago

July 7, 1921: Knorr forces Billy Ryan to give up fight

Duffy Knorr won over Billy Ryan at Bend Monday night when he met the well-known Portland boxer in the semi-windup on the Fourth of July card. He scored a technical knockout when Ryan’s seconds threw in a towel at the end of the sixth round.

Ryan fought a cool, heady battle in the early part of the bout but in the fifth round began to weaken under Knorr’s attack. In the sixth he was unable to maintain any defenses, his arms at his side, while Knorr hit him at will. It was evident that the next round would see a knockout.

75 years ago

July 11, 1946: Brooklyn Dodgers To Land in DC3 At Roberts Field

The Brooklyn Dodgers, professional football team to train at Bend this summer, will arrive by plane at Roberts field sometime next Sunday, July 14, it has been learned here.

A telegram was received Monday by Dick Ballantine, operator at the airport, from Lee Flanagin of World Airline, Burbank, Cal., requesting permission to land a DC3 aircraft, which is a mainliner, to deplane the Dodgers at the Redmond field Sunday.

Since that time, Mayor Maurice F. Roberts received a long distance telephone call from the United Air Lines at San Francisco, stating that a C54 mainliner from New York would land.

The Dodgers will play intersquad games at Bruin field August 2 and 9, it has been announced by the Bend chamber of commerce Dodgers committee. Football coaches and players throughout the northwest are showing interest in the training session at Bend, a number having made arrangements to come to central Oregon while the pro team is here. Howard E. Dunney, assistant coach, and Sidney Moret, equipment manager for the Dodgers, already are in Bend.

The roster of players is 64, but it is believed a few less than that will come for the training period, which starts July 15.

The mainliners due at Roberts field Sunday will bring most of the team members.

50 years ago

July 7, 1971: Burglar hungry

While owners were at the Bend Drive-In Theatre, someone was loading up on groceries at the John Newman residence on the night of July 4.

Newman reported the theft of 25 pounds of beef, 30 jars of canned foods and other miscellaneous items to city police when he returned home at 1:45 a.m. July 5.

25 years ago

July 10, 1996: Vets build Redmond war memorial

A memorial to Redmond’s war veterans is being pieced together at the center of Redmond Memorial Cemetery.

Volunteers from the ranks of local vets are building the memorial, designed last year by a pair of Redmond High School students.

Once completed, the split-face, concrete block structure will have spaces for the display of about 400 names of veterans. Each space sells for $25.

The memorial will also serve as a place for local veterans’ groups to assemble during special events and holidays.

Voiture 147 of the Forty and Eight, which shipped World War II troops in boxcars, is sponsoring construction of the memorial. Several vets groups have donated to the cause over the past year.

A black granite monument will rise from the center of the memorial, flanked by two identical, outer stone walls. Some cedar trees may be planted along the outside of the wall.

Those erecting the memorial hope to have it completed and ready to dedicate by Veterans day, Nov. 11.


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