Redmond’s public school, built in 1908, served grades 1-12. The building, which stood in the site of the present Redmond Public Library and former Jessie Hill School, was enlarged to double this size in 1911.

100 years ago

Sept. 1, 1921 — Nightly activities of ‘Peeping Tom’ continue

Activity of Redmond’s “Peeping Tom” continues almost nightly, according to reports received by Albert Julian, city marshal. Following discovery of a prowler last week by Mrs. G.H. Simmons and Miss Maude Nichols he was seen in the neighborhood on four successive nights, once appearing at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. D.E. Shnable.

Impromptu searching parties were several times organized by neighbors when alarms were given over the telephone.

75 years ago

Sept. 5, 1946 — City Delivery Idea Rejected

Hopes for city delivery of mail in Redmond were given a setback following a notification this week from G.M. Booher, post office inspector, that he could not recommend such service until the population which would be served by city routes has increased considerably.

Booher and Arthur Tifft, Redmond postmaster, made a tour of prospective routes in the city last week to determine if residents could be served efficiently with present street and sidewalk facilities. Tifft pointed out that the Redmond post office is too small to accommodate all of the patrons.

City delivery in Redmond would be limited to two foot routes and one downtown parcel post delivery, until the city grows beyond its present population range. Routes explored by the postal men extended from Howard to F streets and from First to Fifteenth streets. Less than 2500 persons lived on side-walked routes which would be acceptable to the post office department, Booher said, and in his opinion this population did not justify city delivery.

Booher’s official opinion was disclosed in a letter received by Tifft early this week. The post office department in Washington will make a decision regarding the city delivery upon receipt of letters from both Tifft and Booher. Tifft said that he would still recommend city delivery for Redmond because in his opinion it is justified, and he had hoped the inspector would recommend it also.

He pointed out, however, that the post office department is likely to reject Redmond’s plan because recommendations of the postmaster and postal inspector do not concur. “We’re not through with this thing yet,” Tifft said, as other factors may enter into the decision. Tifft added that he would apply for city delivery again if the department turns thumbs down on this proposal.

50 years ago

Sept. 8, 1971 — Hamburger Bowl draws 300 diners

Kiwanians served more than 300 hamburgers to hungry diners at the Hamburger Bowl at Pollock Field Thursday evening, in spite of the chilly weather, and many of them stayed to watch the Crimson and White divisions of the Panther football squad battle to an 8-8 tie in scrimmage.

25 years ago

Sept. 4, 1996 — Lancair pilots fly in for weekend fun

Pilots from several Western states flew into Redmond over the weekend for the annual gathering of Lancair plane owners at the plane manufacturer’s plant next to the Redmond Airport.

The two-day fly-in was the fifth sponsored by the company, which makes two-seat and four-seat kit planes at the Redmond plant and which plans to begin production on factory-built planes in Bend next year.

About 30 Lancair planes landed at the airport and taxied up the Redmond plant. Visitors toured the parts department and sat in on forums on new developments and tips.

The highlight of the weekend was a 77-mile air race Sunday morning from Redmond to Prineville to Madras and back to Redmond.

Livio Bognuda of Santa Maria, Calif., won the turbo class race with a speed of 300 mph. He finished in 15 minutes, 8 seconds. Other turbo class finishers were Brent Reganl, 2nd place, time of 15:30 (293 mph); Lance Neibauer, founder and president of Lancair, 3rd place, 15:50 (287 mph); Horst Steinhart, 4th place, 16:00 (284 mph).

Twenty pilots flew in six class divisions.

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