I wish to start this year and this decade with an accolade to the Redmond Police Department, and in particular, Officer Jonathan Manski, who helped my husband and me when our pickup quit running at an intersection near the Home Depot store, on Christmas night.

It was after 5 p.m., and it was dark, and we had lost our lights first and then the engine quit at a red light (It turned out to be the alternator.). A man in another car stopped to help and called 911. Three police officers showed up really fast, because we were in traffic on the highway, and they pushed our vehicle off the highway toward Home Depot to a safer spot. Triple A was busy and said they were 1 1/2 hours out, so I called my son in Bend for a ride to Madras, where we live.

It was dark and 29 degrees, so Officer Manski stayed with us until help came, and at shift change at 6 p.m., another office took his place until our family and AAA showed up at the same time (My son and the whole family took us home and spent the night with us.).

Those policemen were so nice and kept us “old people” warm, and Officer Manski even gave me a small box of chocolates! What a nice way to end Christmas Day! This is a perfect example of why we should appreciate our police, and Redmond should be proud.

Marie Easter



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