REDMOND — There’s a new restaurant open in Redmond with a Mediterranean flair, but also highlights the Blue Zones healthy foods initiative.

The Terra Kitchen Restaurant is part of the recently renovated and historic Redmond Hotel and places a strong emphasis on employing plant-based foods that are locally grown.

“Terra means earth or land, where it came from. Good food from the earth nourishes your body, but the locally sourced food should make your soul feel good, too,” said Tobias Colvin, general manager for SCP Redmond hotel, which includes Terra Kitchen and three other restaurants in the hotel at 521 SW 6th St.

Chef Sean Hulecki is behind the inspiration for the menu. He’s worked for the hotel restaurants for the last two years, coming there from Pronghorn Resort. Terra Kitchen’s menu is influenced by Mediterranean-style Pacific Northwest crops featuring fresh ingredients sourced from local farms, foraged from the region’s land and streams, and from SCP Redmond Hotel’s very own rooftop garden, Colvin said.

Terra Kitchen, which replaces the former Red Martini restaurant in the hotel, is a “plant forward” restaurant that specializes in vegan and vegetarian meals, but will also offer proteins from fresh-caught Oregon fish and locally culled beef.

“We have partnered with four local farms to get our greens and proteins to have the freshest meal possible. You have to feel good about the food you’re eating because it is locally sourced,” Colvin said.

The restaurant, that seats 40, is undergoing a soft opening, Wednesdays-Saturdays with evening dining from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. Like many locations, it is hiring additional staff to expand its hours.

Blue Zones is noted for areas of the world where residents live long and satisfying lives by eating healthy foods and being socially active. The zones are identified at Ikaria, Greece; Sardinia Italy; Okinawa, Japan; and Loma Linda, Calif. Many live to 100 or more. Residents’ lifestyles have been studied, resulting in Blue Zones projects aimed at improving people’s lives.

“The whole idea is to have something healthy, good for you, such as grains, fruits and other crops. It’s all about being healthier, kinder and greener,” Colvin noted.

The menu can be found here:

Other restaurants in the hotel are the Rooftop, Provisions Market for breakfast and lunches and the Wayfare club, a lobby bar with light meals.

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