Instead of asking Santa what they can get, some students at Central Christian School were asked what their wish list is for all of Redmond. Their responses are below:

Mrs. Dillard’s fourthgrade class at Central Christian School

1. A bigger airport, 2. A zoo, 3. More churches, 4. Universal Studios, 5. A drum store.

— Callen

1. Puppy shelter, 2. Art making place, 3. Shoe shop, 4. Christmas store.

— Halo

1. A petting zoo, 2. A place to go do rides, 3. More churches, 4. More animals.

— Shanna

Prayers: 1. For church ministry teams, 2. For construction sites, 3. For the hospitals. Wish list: 1. A new BMX bike course, 2. More clothe shops.

— Gunner

For every store to have pets, and that we can bring our pets in. -Mallory

1. For everybody to believe in God, 2. For everybody to live on a farm, 3. For people to have courage, 4. For cities to have ministry teams, 5. For people not to get sick.

— Shelbie

1. hospitals, 2. nurses, 3. doctors, 4. A place for homeless and abused kids.

— Alicia

1. To put in Redmond a parot shop so that you can hold them and know how to take care of them, 2. An animal center so when you go to work they can play all day.

— Emmery

1. More homeless shelters, and more presents and trees for homeless, 2. More pet training centers for animals that are not athletic, 3. A horse shelter so they can find a new owner or doctors appointment, 4. A big Christmas tree where people bring presents and stuff for the tree and sing carols, 5. A store for kids to buy things for their parents for one dollar each.

— Josie

1. more bookstores/candy stores, 2. More companys that make bibles out of organic materials, 3. More houses for sale, 4. A club where kids could learn to take care of animals, 5. A shop that sold old encyclopedias.


1. For our church ministry teams to go around and preach, stores, coffee shops or gas stations, 2. For churches to grow, 3. For our community to grow in Christ.

— Cooper

I think there should be a huge museum but you could touch anything you want and it teaches you science and stuff, like how to use the 5 senses in really fun ways! (Kind of like the curiosity museum in Utah Salt lake city). And it could be combined with an observatory.

— Charlotte

I want Redmond to have a donation center for the poor by donating money for the poor! Also getting to see the people you donated to! There will be a get-together place and a playground for the kids!

— Morgan

I wish for waterpark, roler coster, toy store, hospitals, parks, skyscrapers, big movie theater, big big pancake house, most of all churches.

— Carter

A tree we decorate for each holiday. Arcade center. A gym to practice sports at. In December a countdown to christmas. VR zone. Redmond needs better snow plowers.

— Caleb

A park with a waterslide with a paint ball studio. for the winter, an Ice-skating rink and slide. Plus for the summer a chair and lounge area.

— Grayson

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