100 years ago: Potatoes for Toppenish

Mrs. Georgia Simmons (right) leads a group of Blue Birds and Camp Fire Girls in Christmas carols as they begin practice for the coming holiday season. The girls will have periodic practices before they go caroling. Blue Birds and Camp Fire Girlsare just two of the organizations supported by United Fund. (Spokesman file photo)

100 years ago

Oct. 30, 1919 — Potatoes for Toppenish

S.D. Mustard, the potato king of Central Oregon, is engaged in filling an order for seven cars of seed potatoes for Toppenish, Wash. growers.

About half of this order he will be able to fill from his own fields and the remainder must be purchased from other growers The potatoes are taken field-run and the price is around $2 per hundred.

75 years ago

Nov. 2, 1944 — High in Votes Forecast Here

Heavy last-minute registration indicates that Deschutes county’s vote in the 1944 general election next Tuesday, November 7, will be the largest ever cast. Because of the record number of ballots expected, counting boards are expected to go on duty at 9 a.m. just an hour after the polls open, announces Mrs. Helen Dacey, county clerk.

The clerk’s office will be glad to take a ballot to anyone who is ill or afflicted and wishes to vote, Mrs. Dacey points out. This must be done before election day, and the clerk’s office should be notified immediately so that arrangements may be made.

Approximately 650 ballots were sent to men and women in the armed forces overseas, and by the first of this week 400 of these had been returned.

Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. In Redmond, persons in precinct No. 16 will vote at Thomas Boeke’s office on E street, and those in No. 17 will go to the Townsend hall. Redmond Grange precinct No. 19 will use the Central Oregon hatchery as its polling place, inasmuch as the grange hall is serving temporarily as a mess hall for the War Food administration’s Mexican camp.

50 years ago

Nov, 5, 1969 — State led by Redmond

For the third time in four years Redmond United Fund is first in the state to reach 100% of its goal.

John Hodecker, president of the board of directors, announced Friday that 100% was reached with pledges and donations totaling $11,627.22. Goal for this year was $11,616.

Drive Chairman Frank Burr said he was very happy to be first in the state this year and gave credit to the community directors, service organizations and volunteers for their part in reaching the quota.

25 years ago

Nov. 2, 1994 — CODH signs home health care contract with St. Charles

Last week, Central Oregon District Hospital signed its first contract with St. Charles Medical Center.

The CODH board voted unanimously to enter into a one-year management agreement for the hospital’s home health department.

A consultant’s report completed in May indentified several areas where the home health service could improve, according to Jim Diegel, CODH executive director.

Making sure staff members have adequate time to visit and reducing paper work were two of those areas. The service provides ongoing care to patients after a hospital visit or at a doctor’s request. The program provides 800 visits per month.

Diegel said the hospital didn’t think it had the expertise in-house to make the changes as quickly as it would like, therefore, the board decided to take advantage of available talent.

Diegel emphasized the contract is not a merger of any sort. “We’re tapping into a local resource to improve our operation in one area,” he said.

The board also awarded a $1 million contract for renovation of the new physician office wing.

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