Dakota Bigos


For shoppers who like to buy local, The Blvd is a popular choice in Redmond.

Some shoppers were concerned that the clothing boutique might be closing last November. But it was just moving across Sixth Street.

“We didn’t close, we just moved to a better location,” said Matt Schulz, who owns and operates The Blvd alongside his wife, Katie.

The pair opened The Blvd back in 2010 and have seen a lot of growth over the past eight years. At The Blvd’s new location, the high ceilings and exposed brick brings strong historical elements that contrast with the trendy design of the store.

“The architecture is really what sold us on the building,” said Schulz. “Katie and I and all of our staff actually built everything. We built the cabinets and did all of the table work.”

The pair say this is not their first time in business together. They operated another clothing store together before moving to Redmond. Schulz says he is almost always willing to donate and help out the local community.

“We fell in love with Central Oregon and just wanted to live here,” he said.

The two of them say they enjoy working together and make a good team.

“We absolutely love it,” Schulz said. “We get to make decisions together.”

The Blvd works with more than100 vendors and tries to maintain affordable pricing, while also bringing in current fashion and trends.

“We try to stay within the current seasons. A lot of places try to jump ahead,” Schulz said.

“We keep it so people can buy something they can wear today and not break the bank.”

With thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook, The Blvd seems to keep up with the popularity of social media and online shopping by maintaining a strong internet presence. The boutique also has an online store (www.theblvdfashion.com,) allowing customers to order items and have them shipped.

“One of the main reasons for our move is this location is actually big enough so we can have our online inventory in our backroom,” Schulz said.

According to Schulz, having a larger inventory is also beneficial for customers shopping in person as they are able to keep more items in stock.

The Blvd is now located on 522 SW 6th St. in Downtown Redmond.

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