The Redmond School District remained Redmond’s top employer in 2018, increasing its number of workers to 851 from 824 in 2017, according to statistics released by Economic Development for Central Oregon.

Despite being the top overall private employer in Central Oregon, St. Charles Health System was second in Redmond, with 577 employees. Third-place PCC Schlosser saw a large jump in employees to 450 in 2018, up from 396 last year, while fourth-place Consumer Cellular dropped to 440 employees from 500.

The fifth-place Opportunity Foundation dropped to 381 employees from 413, while the recently-sold Eagle Crest Resort dropped from second to seventh place, cutting to 300 employees from 605. Sixth-place Fred Meyer increased to 309 employees from 302, while McDonald’s (190 employees), Medline ReNewal (182) and the city of Redmond (175) round out the top 10.

Consumer Cellular and PCC Schlosser tied for 11th place in the rankings for top private employers in Central Oregon, the highest-ranked area employers primarily in Redmond.

According to EDCO, data for the lists is self-reported not audited. Businesses that chose not to participate are excluded.