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Beers to be served at Porter Brewing Co.:


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Porter (of course)


Irish Red Ale

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For more information on Porter Brewing Co. and Bad Boys Barbecue, visit porterbrewingco.com and bendbbqcaterer.com.

Patrons of Porter Brewing Co.’s Redmond tasting room will notice a difference in the beer from the moment it’s poured.

While most taprooms use nitrogen or carbon dioxide to push their beer from the tap, Porter will serve English cask ale using secondary fermentation, said owner Deven Roberts, who is building the brewery with his wife, Avara, in an industrial area in east Redmond.

“Everything will be served on traditional British-made hand-pumps, imported from the United Kingdom,” he said.

The Roberts have been brewing out of their Bend home for about a decade.

“It had just been a hobby for a long time,” Avara, 33, said.

“An expensive one,” Deven, 34, added.

Now they are filling in their 2,280-square-foot space at 611 NE Jackpine Court No. 2 with new fermentation and brewing equipment.

They will have a 600-square-foot tasting room (plus an outdoor seating area), with the beer made in a converted garage. Offices will be located upstairs.

They hope to have the brewery open in September.

“Hopefully, that will work out,” Avara said. “It takes a while for our license to process.”

Though they live in the craft beer hotbed of Bend, the Roberts were drawn to Redmond. The said the city and Redmond Economic Development Inc. were helpful.

“We like the city, we want to grow with it,” Avara said.

“Bend’s real saturated, there’s not a lot of space in Bend,” Deven said.

Redmond is working with Porter on a number of programs, including business development services and loans from the Urban Renewal Program, said Chuck Arnold, the city’s economic development and urban renewal program manager. The brewery is also working with the wastewater department to deal with its anticipated flow, the planning department on development and the building department on the space Porter has leased.

“We see this project as part of the growing food and beverage sector in Redmond that, coupled with other investments and businesses, will complement each other and create a strong economic impact for the community,” Arnold said.

The brewery will also feature an outdoor patio area with food from the Bad Boys Barbecue food truck. Deven said it will offer something new for the east side of Redmond, which has typically been an industrial area but is seeing more housing development.

“The east side of Redmond is really underserved as far as food and beverage goes,” he said. “We’re excited to bring craft beer to the east side of Redmond.”

Bad Boys owners Gary and Cindy Dale have operated their barbecue catering business out of Bend for seven years, with a food truck being used at events for the last two. Gary Dale said the business has grown 1,000 percent since it started, typically being booked in summer months.

Along with liking the Roberts, Gary Dale has similar reasons for wanting to go to Redmond.

“I like Redmond because Bend is getting saturated with food trucks,” he said. “I think Redmond has a lot of potential for growth.”

Dale goes by what others tell him in describing Bad Boys’ food — calling it “awesome.” He said they have more than 2,000 recipes, so they can change the menu up.

“I think with it being an industrial area, it will be a very good spot to have lunch, and a place to stop and have a beer and pick food up for your family on the way home,” he said.

The parents of two small children, 5-year-old Violet and 4-year-old Porter (the brewery’s namesake), the Roberts want their business to be a place families can go. They plan to serve other drinks like wine and kombucha.

They will fill growlers with their eight varieties of beer, but don’t plan to bottle it yet.

Porter will be able to brew in three barrels at a time and serve beer from casks. It will take four hand-pump pulls to serve one of Porter’s standard 20-ounce beers.

The cask produces a more malty ale that is smoother on the palate than typical beer, Deven said. He only knows of one other bar in Oregon, Brewers Union Local 180 in Oakridge, that uses similar equipment.

“The whole experience of seeing the hand-pumps is really different than going to any other bar and watching them pour it,” he said.

The main equipment is expected to arrive in July, with installation then beginning, Deven said.

“Everyone I’ve talked to is really excited,” he said. “It’s something they’re looking forward to.”

Both Bad Boys and Porter plan to grow at a responsible pace, Gary Dale said.

“We built it on word of mouth, and that’s another reason to go with Porter Brewing,” he said.

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