Bill Mintiens
The Redmond Spokesman

The Tin Penny Style House

Location: 522 SW 6th Street

Phone: 541-903-0592

Facebook page: The Tin Penny Blvd Style House

Store hours: (opening date to be determined)

Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m.-3 p.m., closed Sundays

It’s been awhile since downtown Redmond had a boutique-style clothing store. But in September, two will open blocks apart on SW 6th Street.

The Tin Penny Style House, owned by Redmond natives Brad and Lindsy Cheney, is the newest addition. Located at 522 SW 6th Street, it will take over the space formerly occupied by The Blvd women’s clothing store, which closed earlier this year.

Tin Penny and Willow Wild Women’s Clothing, 321 SW 6th Street, consider their stores to be boutique-style, concentrating on fashions and price points not found in department stores.

But while both stores will emphasize unique women’s fashion items, Tin Penny will be adding fashionable, unique men’s and children’s clothes, as well.

The Cheneys say downtown Redmond is hungry for boutique-style clothing.

“The Blvd was here eight years; they were the first and did really well. The town is hungry for boutique-style clothing,” Lindsy said.

The Tin Penny Style House is following in the footsteps of the The Blvd. In fact, Tin Penny is benefiting from stepping into the retail space established by The Blvd.

“It’s pretty much turnkey,” Brad said. “All the racks and things that we need are right here. All we have to do is get our inventory and new signs.”

Lindsy knew this was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed-up. “I shopped at The Blvd a lot, and when I heard the owners were interested in moving on, I knew this was something we needed to pursue.”

Marketing direction

With a clear sense of her fashion style and direction for the store, Lindsy knew that she had to do research to see if it was the right direction merchandise-wise.

“Market research-wise, I’ve asked a lot of people what they want to see in our store using social media, Facebook and Instagram,” Lindsy said. “The comments really correlate with what we want to do fashion-wise.”

But does boutique-style women’s fashion imply fashions typically seen in women’s fashion magazines? Not so says Lindsy, who works as the office manager at Superior Shield in Bend. “I’m super simple. I like cute things but they have to be comfortable,” she said. “Clothing that you can wear everyday. For example, I was just at work today, and now, I’m here working on the new store; I wear what works in both places, easy and simple — but things you can’t find at Fred Meyer or Walmart.”

Target market-wise Lindsy has a clear view of her customers and the styles that interest them.

“I’m targeting juniors and women, high school and up, with trendy, quirky fashion like floral and leopard,” Lindsy said. “Women ages 16 to 50 are our target market.”

Brand-wise, Lindsy is planning to add clothing from companies like Grace in LA, Silver Jeans, and Denim Couture. Price points and affordability are also top-of-mind as the Cheneys build their inventory. “Super affordable. Instead of a $48 shirt, ours are going to be more like $24” Lindsy said. “I know I’m pretty cheap, I wouldn’t normally pay over $25 for a shirt. But if it’s really cute and unique I would.”

Joking about Lindsy’s insistence on affordability, Brad said, “Lindsy’s pretty cheap when it comes to buying clothes, if it’s over $25 she’s like ... nope.”

Men’s and children’s clothing

The Cheneys realize that, if you’re attracting women to your store, there’s a good chance they are the clothing influencers for other members of their family. “We’re going to start with women’s clothes, but then gradually fade-in some good-looking men’s and boutique-style children’s clothes,” Lindsy said. “We think that will be a real advantage because women influence what their men and children are wearing.”

And that’s where husband Brad has ideas about their men’s fashions.

“It’s going to be similar to the women’s clothing, not big name brands, nice clean stuff,” Brad said. “Men we want to attract buy at Coastal right now. Our clothing will be clean, Western-influenced, but not neon green, bling-type stuff. Fashionable but not crazy.”

With four children ages six through ten, the Cheneys know a lot about current children’s clothing. “The kid’s stuff will be pretty special, things you won’t find anywhere else,” Brad said.

Brick and mortar versus online sales

The Tin Penny Style House, unlike Willow Wild Women’s Clothing, will concentrate sales in the brick-and-mortar store, then move into online sales. “We first want to get open, get our foot in the door, and then expand from there,” Lindsy said.

The Cheneys have a leg-up in the social media world. The Blvd’s Facebook page, and it’s 44,103 followers, were acquired as part of the business sale. The new Facebook page is The Tin Penny Blvd Style House.

Easy customer access and a related business

The Cheneys realize that, although their new store is right on SW 6th Street, parking on the busy street is not always easy.

“We’re going to have an entrance to the store in the back and front so people can find parking spaces,” Brad said.

Lindsy has owned and operated a photography business, Lindsy Cheney Photography, for a year and a half and sees an opportunity to blend it into Tin Penny. “I’m going to take all the photos of models in our clothes and maybe opening up a little (photography) studio within the store,” she said. And maybe a little later on, with a photography session, you get ten percent off your purchase of clothing in the store.”

Community reaction to the store has been very positive. “People are just super-excited. Many know us, they know how we are, and they know we’re just going to rock it,” Lindsy said.

Tin Penny will be the third business the Cheneys are actively involved with, along with Lindsy Cheney Photography and Superior Shield (owned by Brad’s father.) The couple plans to hire a manager and a part-time person for the store.

The Cheneys plan is to open The Tin Penny Style House during the first week in September with a grand opening celebration in October.

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