A $69.8 million Redmond School District bond is trailing.

As of Wednesday morning, “no” had 12,122 votes, or 50.86 percent, to 11,712 votes, or 49.14 percent, for “yes.”

The bond has pulled ahead in Deschutes County, with “yes” having 11,112 votes, or 50.55 percent, compared to 10,869 votes, or 49.45 percent for “no.” But it continues to trail in the Jefferson County portion of the district.

The money would replace 53-year-old M.A. Lynch Elementary, which has closed for longer than other schools during snowfalls because of its sagging roof. Other campuses would see safety and security upgrades.

Another race that has gone back and forth is position 3 on the Deschutes County Commission. After initially trailing, James Cook of Redmond went ahead of Patti Adair by three votes late Tuesday night. But the latest count has Adair ahead with 45,064 votes, or 50.64 percent, to Cook’s 43,808 votes, or 49.23 percent.

Other Redmond-related races have seen little change in vote percentage since initial results were released shortly after polls closed Tuesday.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story failed to include the Jefferson County results in the school bond total. The Spokesman regrets the error.