A horse that escaped its pasture died late Monday after a 2002 Subaru Forester collided with it on SW Helmholtz Way near Ridgeview High, according to a Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Driver Haley Jo Shaw, 23, of Redmond, reported minor injuries after deputies responded to the collision, which was reported at 11:49 p.m. near the intersection with SW Elkhorn Avenue, officials said. Shaw, the only person in the Subaru, complained of minor injuries and was examined at the scene by paramedics, officials said. Her car suffered significant damage.

The dark-colored horse, which walked south after escaping the pasture, was severely injured after being struck broadside by the Subaru, which was driving north on Helmholtz, officials said. The horse rolled on to the Subaru’s hood and partially penetrated the windshield before coming to rest in the road, officials said.

Deputies tried to calm the horse, and an emergency equine veterinarian was called, but the horse was euthanized, officials said.

The section of Helmholtz, which is in a closed range livestock district, was closed for about an hour after the crash, officials said. The crash is under investigation, officials said.