Dozens of Redmond-area students were among those named to the scholastic fall-term honor roll at Oregon State University’s campuses, including Corvallis and Bend.

Oregon State announced that 1,483 students earned a 4.0 or better grade-point average and another 4,752 students have earned a 3.5 or better GPA. To be on the honor roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.

The students with a straight-A average from Redmond are: Michael P. Commins, junior, computer science; Carlos Gonzalez, junior, computer science; Madelynn A. Hebener, junior, kinesiology; Abagail D. Murray, senior, kinesiology; Jenna M. Murren, sophomore, human development and family science; Joseph M. Oehlschlaeger, junior, kinesiology; Ashlyn R. Rojas, freshman, business administration; Grace K. Ross, senior, biochemistry and molecular biology; Lauren A. Row, senior, Spanish; Nathan S. Schierbeek, senior, human development and family science; Shayne D. Sensenbach, junior, chemical engineering; Jennifer R. Speaks, senior, energy systems engineering; Brenna L. Stevens, senior, biochemistry and biophysics; Kyleigh Winchester, senior, sociology.

Redmond students who earned a 3.5 or better include: Lawrence L. Arefieg, senior, biology; Megan C. Bolt, sophomore, hospitality management; Tyler C. Burnett, sophomore, pre-chemical engineering; Jaycee R. Chango, freshman, earth sciences; Rebekah A. Cleary, sophomore, biochemistry and molecular biology; Katibelle M. Dicker, sophomore, kinesiology; Hannah J. George, senior, kinesiology; Ashley E. Green, freshman, political science; Brittany Y. Greener, junior, university exploratory studies; Tyler L. Guyer, junior, bioengineering; Stayton L. Howard, freshman, tourism, recreation and adventure lead; Kellan R. Jenkins, senior, biology; Rosalee M. Land, sophomore, biochemistry & molecular biology; Kimberly Miller, senior, kinesiology; Kristin Miller, senior, social science; Nicholas G. Newell, senior, computer science; Bryna K. O’Keefe, senior, kinesiology; James B. Oshel, sophomore, university exploratory studies; Meriah F. Parker, junior, biology; Jonathan M. Phelan, senior, computer science; Jasmine I. Pina, senior, biology; Josiah N. Poole, senior, fisheries and wildlife science; Riley M. Powell, junior, psychology; Zachary L. Powell, senior, mechanical engineering; Derek Rasmussen, senior, natural resources; Aspen H. Sheets, junior, digital communication arts; Tracey T. Spoerer, senior, nuclear engineering; Justin A. Staat, senior, kinesiology; Matthew W. Thomas, junior, pre-mechanical engineering; Loryn T. Trail, freshman, botany; Bethany J. Williams, senior, liberal studies; Jacob D. Young, junior, chemical engineering.

Students from Powell Butte who earned a straight A average include: Cora L. White, senior, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Students from Powell Butte who earned a 3.5 grade point average or better include: Michael J. Dickens, sophomore, biochemistry and biophysics.

Students from Terrebonne who earned a straight A average include: Justin D. Irby, sophomore, pre-bioengineering.

Students from Terrebonne who earned a 3.5 grade point average or better include: Jeaneva M. Senko, senior, business administration.