A Sisters man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly fighting a security guard and damaging property at St. Charles Redmond and then assaulting a female, according to a Redmond Police news release.

Police were called to the hospital after receiving a report around 6:45 a.m. that Scott Bulloch, 37, had a physical confrontation that caused minor injuries for the security guard and displayed “threatening and tumultuous behavior,” police said. Security and other staff removed Bulloch from the hospital and the facility was placed in a lockdown, police said. The hospital reopened for normal business after about 45 minutes, police said.

Bulloch was arrested after officers received a call at 9:30 a.m. saying that he had assaulted and strangled a female family member in the area of NW 17th Street and NW Jackpine Avenue, police said. Police said Bulloch had assaulted the family member after she used a High Country Disposal garbage truck driver’s phone. The driver returned to her truck, and Bulloch tried to get into the truck through the driver’s window, hitting and slapping at the driver, police said.

Bulloch faces charges of first-degree criminal mischief, misdemeanor assault and separate charges of second-degree criminal trespass and fourth-degree assault from the hospital incident, as well as felony strangulation and fourth-degree assault constituting domestic violence from the later incident. Other possible charges include coercion, resisting arrest, unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle, harassment and second-degree criminal trespass, police said.

Bulloch was placed in a restraint taken back to St. Charles Redmond for evaluation, and was expected to be taken to Deschutes County jail afterward, police said. Drug use is believed to be a factor in the incident, police said.