Redmond’s public high schools all saw an increase in graduation rates during the 2017-19 school year, according to figures released Jan. 24 by the Oregon Department of Education.

The overall numbers for the district rose to 82.86 percent of students graduating in 2018, up from 79.28 percent in the 2016-17 school year. That is higher than the state graduation average of 78.7 percent.

“I’m elated our graduation rates are improving and our investment in student success is paying off,” district Superintendent Mike McIntosh said in a news release. “Our district is moving in the right direction, and this level of improvement encourages us to continue to provide the opportunities that ensure all Redmond students are graduating prepared for college and career.”

Ridgeview High saw it’s graduation rate increase again in 2017-18 to 88.08 percent from 84.75 percent in 2016-17 and 81.99 percent in 2015-16.

Redmond High saw its graduation rate rise slightly but remain below the state average. In the 2017-18 school year, Redmond graduated 75.4 percent of students, compared to 74.69 percent in 2016-17. The graduation rate remains below the 78.81 percent achieved in the 2015-16 school year.

The school district credited several factors for its rising graduation rates, including Measure 98 state funding, which supports career technical education and provides “success coordinators” in each high school to oversee district priorities in areas like class attendance and on-track credit attainment, the news release said. Other contributors listed include the AVID college readiness program, which recently expanded to all district high schools and middle schools, the Camp 9 transition program and mathematics support courses, the district said.

Redmond Proficiency Academy, meanwhile, continued its meteoric rise in graduation rates. The public charter school graduated 91.33 percent of seniors in 2017-18, which was up from 83.09 percent in 2016-17. That was an increase over 75.54 percent in 2015-16 and 70.86 percent in 2014-15.

In its own statement, RPA said its graduation rate now exceeds the most recent national average of 84.1 percent. The school credits several support programs for high school seniors, as well as a data-focused system that identifies students who might be at risk of falling behind and need intervention.

RPA points out its 100-percent graduation rate among several minority groups, including Hispanic or Latino students, as well as an 88.24 graduation rate among students with disabilities.

“This graduation rate represents a tremendous accomplishment for our students and is the result of diligent work by our staff to ensure every student is provided with the education they need to successfully move forward,” RPA Executive Director Jon Bullock said. “I am proud of the work our students put forth to become high school graduates, and I am proud of the work our staff put forth to ensure student success.”

To see all Oregon graduation rates, visit bit.ly/2BZ5hPb.