Honored graduates at Redmond schools

Ridgeview High: Valedictorian Kian Bangerter, salutatorian Jaime Tracewell.

Redmond High: Valedictorian Maddie Lamken, salutatorian Benny Saito.

Redmond Proficiency Academy: Valedictorians Madalyn Ross, Natalia Ruiz, Nova Papasodora, Mateo Garza, David Novotny, Emmaree Hammond, Jane Whitticar, Jessica Whitticar, Kennadi Peterson and Marleigh Dunning, Eric Love, Ashleen Smith, Alexa Patterson, Josie Graydon, William Anderson, Ian Bremont, Enysess Gaskins and Michaela Alexander; salutatorian Timothy Williams.

Central Christian School: Valedictorians Lauren Rickabaugh, McKenna Mahnke and Laurie Linn; salutatorian Kristie Wiseman.

It was a big year for Ridgeview High, with a state title in softball, second-place finishes in volleyball and boys golf, and the 2019 Oregon High School Principal of the Year award going to Lee Loving, who has led the school since it opened in 2012.

Speakers at the school’s June 5 graduation ceremony at the Deschutes County fairgrounds were able to reflect on some of that success, while wishing seniors well in the future.

Loving told the story of a train engineer who saw a car stuck on the tracks in front of him. The engineer put on the brakes but it was too late and the three-quarter mile train collided with the car (though the car’s occupants were able to escape).

“Seniors, sometimes, we are driving trains that are on the track and steadily moving forward, and sometimes we are driving cars that can swerve and safely avoid obstacles,” Loving said. “As you enter this new chapter in your journey, drive your train hard through hard times, adversity can be good for you...doubt other people’s doubts, but, especially, doubt your own doubts.”

The audience also heard from valedictorian Kian Bangerter and salutatorian Jaime Tracewell.

“The fact of the matter is, your accomplishments are small in the face of the choices you make, the lives you touch and the love you give,” Tracewell said. “Make the decision to take what your time here has given you and pay it forward.”

Bangerter said the seniors have raised tens of thousands of dollars for various charities, with thousands of combined service hours.

“We are an amazing class, and in many ways we have defied the odds,” he said.

Redmond Police Officer Chris Wooten, Ridgeview’s school resource officer, was voted by seniors to give the faculty address. Wooten, who is leaving the position to go back to traditional police duties after four years, also taught a popular law and order class at the school. He recalled starting at the school and seeing “Beemers, Audis, Mercedes and Land Rovers” in the parking lot and a building that looked like a modern college campus inside, with its own coffee shop and store.

“But what else I won’t forget, is this class sitting in front of me here today, you guys and girls truly are the best,” he said. “You welcomed me into your environment, into your world each and every day for the last four years.”

Ridgeview continued its tradition of awarding an honorary diploma to a military veteran who wasn’t able to graduate because of service commitments. This year’s honoree was Raymond Joseph “Skip” Carter, who served on a Navy submarine during the Vietnam era.