A Redmond man collapsed and died June 6 in a parking lot at Prineville Reservoir, shortly after his boat tipped over, according to a Crook County Sheriff’s Office news release.

An investigation showed that Thomas Bray, 65, and a friend had beer while fishing before police were dispatched at 1 p.m., officials said. Bray reportedly collided into a boat ramp at a slow speed while returning the small boat to the Powder House Cove, which caused the boat to tip, officials said. Bray and his friend fell into the water, but were able to swim to safety, officials said.

Bray collapsed and fell in the parking lot while returning to his vehicle and trailer, officials said. People rushed to his aid but found Bray unconscious and not breathing, officials said. Though 9-1-1 was called and CPR was attempted, Bray was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said.

Investigators later determined that Bray died of “natural causes,” officials said. Crook County Fire and Rescue and the medical examiner’s office assisted with the investigation.