Redmond police are strictly enforcing local leash laws after a dog belonging to a Redmond woman was mauled by a loose dog at American Legion Park on Oct. 31.

Debra Slade, 62, said she was walking her Havanese dog on a leash at the park when a dog “came out of nowhere” and attacked her Tucker.

“It looked somewhat like a pit-bull, but I can’t be sure,” Slade said. “It threw my Tucker around like a rag doll.” The dog died on the way to a Bend vet clinic.

According to witnesses, the dog and its owner left in a pickup truck, but Slade said she never got a good look at the person or truck. Police put out a photo of a suspect truck, but that proved to not be the suspect.

Police have begun to actively patrol Dry Canyon and other high-use parks to enforce the off-leash laws, according to Mayor George Endicott. Public works will be adding additional signs to follow off-leash rules, too.

“There will be zero tolerance for off-leash dogs,” Endicott said.

Slade is offering a reward if the dog’s owner is caught. If not, she’ll donate it to an animal shelter. There is also a Facebook page linked to her page as a fundraiser for Tucker, where the money will be given to a shelter.

“I am hoping offering a reward will help so this dog and it’s owner are found so that no one else is attacked and injured or killed. This dog that attacked was there to kill my dog. It could just have easily been a small child who was in the way of this vicious assault,” she said.

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