A classic television bar keeps coming up when discussing Redmond’s Porter Brewing Co.

“It’s like one big family, everybody knows everybody, like Cheers,” said Will De Cesare of Redmond, referring to the pub from the show of the same name.

It’s a sentiment echoed by owners Deven and Avara Roberts, who opened Porter (named for their son) in September 2018.

“You start it, and the community finishes it,” Deven said. “That’s kind of what a pub is — a community space.”

The communal aspect of the bar continues to grow. Upstairs from the taproom and brewing area, they opened “The Attic” in late December. The room, which overlooks the taproom, features two shuffleboard tables, dart boards and a table Deven made for Dungeons & Dragons players.

The table with eight chairs has a T.V. screen in the middle. Avara said players plug their smartphones in to USB ports, and maps and other role-playing information comes up on the screen.

The Attic even has a library area, with about 80 books that customers donate and check out. Even much of the decor, like maps of London and Dublin, is donated by customers.

“People come in and they like to feel like they are a part of it,” she said. “And it’s fun for us.”

Part of the reason the bar is popular is because of the beer it brews, using English-style casks, which use secondary fermentation instead of nitrogen or carbon dioxide to push beer from the tap.

Porter features six or seven standard beers, along with a couple seasonal offerings, like the 10.5% alcohol barley wine. Deven made the ale in February and had it sit until December, when he finally started selling the batch.

“It’s just developing, the flavors are coming forward,” said Deven, who will make the barley wine for the end of this year in the next couple weeks. “The heat from the alcohol is mellowing out.”

The taphouse and brewery, located at 611 NE Jackpine Ct. No. 2, are in an industrial area that also houses Gompers Distillery.

A hard cider business that was also in the complex closed over the summer.

After originally making beer for onsite consumption and to fill growlers, Porter changed to selling beer in bottles, as well as 5-liter mini-casks, in July, but only at the taproom. The Roberts say they will “sporadically” make their casks available for sale at outside bars, but they enjoy selling to their customers face-to-face.

“It’s a very good following,” Deven said. “People like that we have a variety of things that aren’t IPAs.”

Along with the beer, the atmosphere is an attraction to Porter.

“A British or English or Irish-style pub is different from a bar,” Deven said. “A lot of people have made a lot of new friends since we opened.”

A new food truck, Scarlito’s Street Cuisine, which features tacos, nachos and quesadillas, recently moved in outside Porter. The taphouse plans to improve the outdoor area to make it more kid friendly.

For Richard Hoffmann, who lives east of Bend, the drive to Porter is worth it.

“You go to Bend, everything is geared to the tourists, this is geared to the locals” he said. “Every time I come to Redmond, I have to come here. The owners are great people.”

— Reporter: 541-548-2186, gfolsom@redmondspokesman.com

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