City of Redmond

Commercial structural permits

Surf Thru Inc., 2363 NW 4th St., Surf Thru Express car wash with attached pay station and vacuum stations, $1,400,000

PCC Structurals Inc., 345 NE Hemlock Ave., new storage shell, $1,340,811

Central Oregon Irrigation District, 901 E. state Highway 126, new concrete containment tub for holding 2 10,000 gallon tanks and build an interior wall in adjacent shed for de-icer pump. $45,000

CMK Properties LLC, 1480 NE Jackpine Ave. #1, new 14,400 SF building (deferring fire sprinklers & gas piping), $1,943,856

Kingswood Lofts LLC, 630 NW Kingwood Ave., new multi-family 3 story, 14 unit, $1,100,000

Prevost Investment LLC, 1881 SW 1st St., 330 SF mezzanine addition, interior modification and additional restroom (change of use from warehouse to fabrication), $75,000

Erik Berkey, 1350 NW Canal Blvd., rooftop installation of a photovoltaic system at an assisted living facility, $55,113

K&W Legacy LP, 250 SE Timber Ave., roof replacement, $109,315

Residential new construction, single family

SGS Development LLC, 2365 SW Obsidian Ave., $245,218

SGS Development LLC, 2377 SW Obsidian Ave., $227,548

SGS Development LLC, 2343 SW Obsidian Ave., $227,499

2311 SW Obsidian Ave., $288,784

Megan Park LLC, 788 NW 27th St., $256,131

Megan Park LLC, 798 NW 27th St., $236,048

Pahlisch Homes at Triple Ridge LLC, 4356 SW 36th St., $298,217

WH Redmond LLC, 3405 NW Birch Ave., $234,557

Arch Holding Company LLC, 2955 NW Greenwood Ct., $214,179

Malace Homes LLC, 786 NW Rimrock Dr., $287,526

Malace Homes LLC, 764 NW Rimrock Dr., $291,727

Arch Holding Company LLC, 2971 NW Greenwood Ct., $215,495

Josie Meadows LLC, 4810 SW Zenith Ave., $321,071

Landon Construction Inc., 231 NW 29th St., $231,727

Landon Construction Inc., 241 NW 29th St., $231,727

Hayden Homes LLC, 2502 NW Ivy Way, $271,830

Hayden Homes LLC, 2526 NW Ivy Way, $300,290

Talmage Construction Inc., 4526 SW Zenith Point Ct., $310,958

Brookfield Holdings Hayden I LLC, 4454 SW Majestic Ave., $252,152

Josie Meadows LLC, 4790 SW Zenith Ave., $328,780

Eric & L. Suzanne Wegmet, 708 NW Rimrock Dr., $304,217

Hayden Homes LLC, 2514 NW Ivy Way, $215,533

C O Development Inc., 4258 SW 43rd St., $266,993

C O Development Inc., 4236 SW 43rd St., $247,047

SGS Development LLC, 2458 SW Newberry Loop, $229,214

Dunlap Rentals LLC, 1444 NW Canyon Dr., 600 SF detached ADU, $74,158

Hayden Homes LLC, 2555 NW Ivy Way, $242,589

SGS Development LLC, 2477 SW Newberry Loop, $253,121

SGS Development LLC, 2465 SW Newberry Loop, $228,677

Megan Park LLC, 2571 NW Greenwood Ave., $259,282

Brookfield Holdings Hayden I LLC, 4474 SW Majestic Ave., $307,209

Grant Mills & Blake Mills, 2580 SW 47th St., $248,254


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