The Redmond police officer arrested in summer for alleged drunk driving has resolved her case by entering a diversion program.

Hannah Copeland entered the alternative sentencing program in October and in exchange, the state dropped a count of reckless driving and one of reckless endangering.

Copeland was arrested by sheriff’s deputies in August after crashing her Jeep on Cline Falls Road north of Bend.

Diversion is available in Oregon to people who have not been arrested for impaired driving within the past 15 years. If a person successfully completes diversion, no DUI conviction will be entered on their criminal record.

Copeland’s diversion requirements include attending a victim impact panel, paying a $450 fine, participating in a substance abuse evaluation and serving 12 months of supervised probation. An Intoxalock ignition device was installed on her car in October, according to court records.

Copeland was hired in 2000 by Redmond Police after completing training at the state police academy. She was the department’s officer of the year in 2016.

In February, she filed suit against the city of Redmond alleging one of her supervisors, Lt. Eric Beckwith, had engaged in a sexist, bullying and unprofessional behavior toward her since 2016. She’s seeking $250,000 in damages in circuit court.

Copeland’s attorney, Dan Thenell, has brought several other lawsuits against Redmond Police. Two months ago, a circuit judge agreed to consolidate Copeland’s lawsuit with that of former Redmond Sgt. Ryan Fraker, another Thenell client, for discovery purposes.

Copeland is also the subject of a pending federal civil rights lawsuit. In January 2020, the department was sued by the father of a 14-year-old boy arrested by Copeland and a fellow officer, who used a stun gun repeatedly during the encounter.

The city has responded to the lawsuit by asserting the officers acted reasonably and are therefore entitled to qualified immunity.

Last week, attorneys in the federal lawsuit jointly requested additional time for discovery.

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