Redmond to get its first legislator in four decades

State Rep.-elect Jack Zika, R-Redmond

State Rep. Jack Zika, R-Redmond, last week called on the state Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown again to take swift action this week to help Central Oregonians who are suffering from the effects of the coronavirus and its impact on the local and state economy.

The legislature was expected to meet two weeks ago in emergency session to vote on a package of measures including temporarily banning all evictions and foreclosures and expanding grants and loans to small business, but was postponed by the governor.

“Every one of us has been impacted by the coronavirus and the measures our federal and state government have taken to limit its spread,” Zika said, in a press release.

“The legislature must meet as soon as possible to do its part to help provide the resources needed by schools and hospitals in order to continue to build healthy communities and to ensure that people do not lose their homes during this crisis.

“The legislature must also delay the collection of the Corporate Activity Tax, as businesses cannot even currently meet the demand for payroll, and Central Oregonians are losing their jobs. This is creating extra stress on families and individuals that are unable to afford even the bare essentials during the ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ order issued by the governor.

“Furthermore, requiring businesses to pay more money to the state right now, when governments on all levels are trying to pump cash into the faltering economy, seems counterproductive to our efforts to save smaller businesses. Not delaying the tax or removing penalties would lead to more layoffs and bankruptcies and a much more difficult path to economic recovery once this crisis has passed.”

Central Oregonians in need of help during this crisis are encouraged to contact Zika’s office at or 503-986-1453.

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