Education is truly about community. For almost 100 years, citizens of the Redmond School District have chosen to meet the needs of its students. School bonds have passed during flush economic times, as well as times that were much more difficult.

Every one of us grew up in a community where the people of that community funded our educational opportunities. In turn, we have all returned the favor by educating those who follow us.

The Redmond School District has aging schools in need of repair, limited space at our elementary schools, and are facing an unknown economic future due to a global pandemic. With this bond, we have the opportunity to address these issues without adding to your taxes.

We know that many of our schools need long overdue repairs that will only become more expensive over time. These repairs will create a better learning environment for all of our students, but also allow the buildings to run efficiently and extend their lives, ultimately saving money that can be used to give our students the best educational opportunities possible. It will also help our rapidly growing community add critical space to our elementary schools.

Adding to the opportunity is a $7.6 million matching grant from the state of Oregon, which only happens if the bond passes. This bond is an absolute win for all stakeholders. Best of all, Redmond School District taxpayers will not see their taxes increase one penny as a result. Please vote yes for RSD kids!

— Barry Branaugh, Redmond

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