The Museum at Warm Springs

The Museum at Warm Springs has kicked off its 2021 year-end fundraising campaign. Designed and built to Smithsonian Institution standards in 1993, The Museum at Warm Springs is a very special place of cultural and historical importance to the Warm Springs people.

The museum’s 2021 successes included:

  • Hosting two exhibitions: “Sacred Reflections: The Art of Umatilla Artist Ellen Taylor” and “Into the Fray: Native American Wild-Land Firefighters of Warm Springs and Beyond.”
  • The Museum partnered with AdPro, a Native American woman-owned graphic design and advertising firm in Huntington Beach, Calif., to rebrand the Museum with a new logo.
  • A June membership campaign in honor of ancestor Kenneth Smith quadrupled the museum’s membership, and met a $25,000 match from The Roundhouse Foundation. A corporate membership program was launched.
  • The museum built stronger relationships with special individuals, including Ronni Lacroute, and with several new partner organizations throughout the state. The museum held important discussions and collaborated with the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation, Oregon Historical Society, The High Desert Museum and the Warm Springs Culture and Heritage Program.
  • In 2021, the Museum has received $633,760 in foundation and other grants.

On Nov. 2, the Museum will open a new exhibition, the “28th Annual Tribal Member Art Exhibit.”“We feel great pride in what we do at the museum and are honored to make our home here at Warm Springs with our strong family and community ties,” said Museum Director Elizabeth A. Woody (Warm Springs, Yakama and Navajo).

“The Museum at Warm Springs is an important Oregon cultural treasure. We humbly ask you to support us with a year-end contribution so we can continue organizing high-caliber exhibitions, workshops and an array of public programs and events for all to enjoy.”

For more information, visit https://www.museumatwarmsprings.org/ or call 541-553-3331.

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