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Oregon's tribes hit hard by COVID-19

Louie Pitt remembers the moment that COVID-19 got real for him. Read more


Type 2 Diabetes on the rise among younger people

More younger people were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in the past decade than ever before. Read more


Shelter adoptions slower in rural Union County

Eastern Oregon stood apart from the national storylines of pet adoptions increasing in 2020 due to the pandemic. Read more


Mountain excursions replace adventure vacations during pandemic

The wind-snapped tree crashed down across the mountain trail, close enough to Diana Brown that she felt the ground tremble. Read more


Businesses not big on idea of requiring employees to get vaccinated

ENTERPRISE — Theresa Russell, owner of Olive Branch Family Health and Michael McDonald, who works at the clinic, simultaneously answered, “No!” when asked if they would require any of their eight employees get the COVID vaccine. Read more


Column: Vaccine shipment brings hope

On a chilly Thursday morning in December, hope arrived in a box. Read more


Column: Don't delay cancer screening during the pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, non-urgent medical care took a back seat to prioritize more pressing needs and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Now, almost a year later, an awful lot of people have fallen behind on cancer screenings, perhaps unaware of test options and how health centers have adjusted to maintain safety during the pandemic. Read more


Column: How the COVID-19 vaccines work

Few measures in the history of public health intervention compare to the impact vaccines have had on preventing disease and saving human lives. In the United States, vaccination against nine common vaccine-preventable diseases has reduced them by more than 90%, with some diseases now eliminated. In a cohort of vaccinated children, nearly 20 million cases of diseases were prevented, including preventing over 40,000 deaths. Yet for many, whether to seek an approved COVID-19 vaccine is still a question. Read more


St. Charles and OHSU join forces to create new residency program to focus on rural medicine

Life really does come full circle. Dr. Marcel Tam, a doctor at the Indian Health Center a rural community in Central Oregon, spends his wor… Read more


COVID-19: Oregon prison system's unwelcome death sentence

On July 7, the last tumbler fell. Read more